We Share the 3 Dos and Don’ts of Grant Writing

Grant writing is many things but it doesn’t need to be complicated. When you break it down, writing a grant proposal is generally about following instructions, sticking to the facts, and including supporting documents.

Although it can be challenging, you don’t need to be an expert at grant writing to win funding. In fact, you just need to remember these simple dos and don’ts of grant writing.


• Be grant-ready
• Use the “3 C’s
• Have a checklist


• Be vague about your budget
• Use “cut & paste” answers
• Leave it until the last minute

Additional Tips:

You also want to avoid rushing through an application or cutting corners. Another imperative part of grant writing is understanding the needs of the organization that is offering the grant money. Your program should fit in with their guidelines and not the other way around.

As a rule of thumb, fundraising experts recommend around 20% of your total funding be grant-based with the majority coming from other fundraising sources. You can use a free online donations platform to allow anyone the ability to give to your nonprofit.

Applying for grants is hard work, and many come with strings attached, such as parameters surrounding the allocation of funds. Plus, you may be going up against several other qualified organizations for limited funding. But at the end of the day, it’s not a complicated process.


Overall, you should be able to demonstrate your passion through your grant writing. At times when it comes to grants of larger monetary amounts, it may be difficult to understand and execute complex instructions.

If you feel your grant application is lacking or need help with the grant proposal process, you can always hire a professional grant writer. Grant writers are able to assist with the research, development, and overall polishing of your grant application. 

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