National Philanthropy Day 2020

National Philanthropy Day is celebrated annually on November 15. This day signifies the importance of working together for the common good. Philanthropic deeds come in all different shapes and sizes and on National Philanthropy Day, no act of kindness goes unnoticed.

  • Volunteer – Go out and find a volunteer opportunity that interests you. Possibilities range from visiting sick patients in the hospital, packing boxes for a food pantry, and even gardening at your local park.
  • Give a Shout Out – Bring awareness to this important day by talking about it on your social media accounts. The more people that know about this day, the better.
  • Donate – Donations can come in the form of time or money, so even if you’re a little strapped for cash, there are still ways that you can make a major difference.
Grants and Giving:

Efforts and initiatives by organizations that aim to increase civic engagement, encourage charitable giving, and help communities make a positive change, may be eligible for grant funding. 

Do you know of someone who has made accomplishments in health-related philanthropy? Nominate them for this $5,000 grant to recognize their innovation, leadership, boldness, creativity, and achievement. Grants are also available to support youth involvement and encourage philanthropy for the next generation of community leaders.

With so much negativity in the world, hearing about the good that goes on is certainly refreshing. National Philanthropy Day motivates us to get out and engage with others in order to make a positive impact.

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