New: 10 Grants Supporting Food Assistance Programs

From gas to food, the cost of living is rising steeply, and the months ahead are unlikely to offer a break from the prices that are increasing due to inflation. Meanwhile, many Americans are looking for ways to ease the financial pressure on their household budgets. Consequently, underserved communities are being strongly impacted, with many unable to meet their basic nutritional and dietary needs.

Hunger is a national crisis, though it is often hidden. If you are an individual seeking food programs in your area, there are resources available. We recommend:

Food assistance programs can help to provide basic protection against hunger for low-income Americans of all ages and household types. As a result, more grants and funding opportunities have become available to support food assistance programs and community food pantries. More than ever, nonprofits are able to offer help and provide relief for many families in need.

Discover more than 500 grants relating to food in GrantWatch’s category specifically intended for Nutrition Grants. Below, we share 10 grants that are currently available for food security and assistance.

10 Food Assistance Grants
  1. Grants of up to $5,000 to enhance local communities through hunger relief and healthy eating. For example, providing charitable meals/snacks.
  2. Nonprofit organizations and faith-based organizations can apply to receive donated food to distribute to children and families in need. 
  3. Grants are now open to nonprofit organizations for community-based programs relating to food and nutrition.
  4. Nonprofit organizations can apply for grants for programs that encourage nutritious eating and reduce food insecurity. 
  5. Grants to nonprofit organizations for programs that encourage individuals with low income to buy nutritious fruits and vegetables.
  6. Food-focused nonprofit organizations can now apply for an operational support grant.  
  7. Grants are available to USA and Canada nonprofit organizations for projects addressing food insecurity
  8. Nonprofit organizations, political and state subdivisions, and public IHES, can apply for a grant to provide basic services in the area of hunger.
  9. Grants are open to nonprofit organizations for programs that feed the hungry and increase access to healthy foods. 
  10. In-kind grants are available to public and private schools to improve access to healthy and nutritious food. 
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