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Due to popular demand, we are sharing the latest success stories of GrantWatch members. GrantWatch helps to connect businesses and organizations with grants currently available. Recently, the grant listing directory reached out to its subscribers and inquired about their success stories. We hope these stories can help inspire and motivate you with your own grant seeking.

Libby Hikind, founder and CEO of GrantWatch, is happy to see people benefitting from the hard work of her company. “I am grateful for the videos that validate what we all do here at GrantWatch,” Hikind said. “I have the happiest of tears when I receive one. What greater gift can there be than the knowledge that we are really making a difference. Thank you for being a part of GrantWatch and keep those videos coming!”

A Young Nonprofit Wins More Than $14,000

Student-Led Ed is a relatively new nonprofit organization located in Chicago. Their mission is to bridge the gap between youth and adults and revolutionize the way educators and students learn nationwide. They aim to do this by having youth share their knowledge, perspectives, and wisdom.

“Given that we are a relatively young organization with few fiscal resources at our fingertips, a subscription to GrantWatch made sense. In addition to being our sole founder, I am also our sole grant writer, fundraiser, external partner cultivator, operations manager, and student leadership capacity-builder. Our hope is to eventually grow to the point where we can run the nonprofit full-time and hire employees.

Through GrantWatch’s services in the past year, I have successfully written and been awarded the following grants: The Pollination Project ($1,000), The Springboard Foundation ($2,000), The Resist Foundation ($3,000), and the National Geographic COVID Educator Fund Grant ($8,000).

For a nonprofit that has operated for less than a year, GrantWatch has been immensely helpful in finding funding resources to continue our work.” — Kerry Dolan, Founder.

Faith-Based Nonprofit Earns $10,000 Grant

The Scarpinato family founded Kitchen on the Street as a means of bringing food and hope to children in need. This initiative began in 2007 after hearing that thousands of children who received breakfast and lunch at school were going hungry on weekends.

“We recently joined GrantWatch in an effort to increase our community partnerships to address childhood hunger and academic excellence.

A quick search on GrantWatch brought us to the Stallings Foundation, which seemed like a perfect missions match for us. The process was easy and we’re incredibly grateful to the Stallings Foundation for providing over 15,000 meals for our Bags of Hope nutrition program. This food is incredibly vital because it allows food-insecure kids the nutrition they need to be a success in the classroom.” — Lisa Scarpinato, CEO.

Nonprofit Wins Six Grants in One Year

Working to provide a safe, nurturing environment, the Wade Center helps give the next generation of West Virginia, a chance to meet their potential. The Wade Center purchased the former Wade School building and repurposed the classrooms into spaces for computer labs, art classes, tutoring and more.  

“The Wade Center has received six grants we found on GrantWatch in less than one year!

Most recently, we won a $10,000 grant for operating expenses from the William and Helen Thomas Charitable Trust. It came at a really critical time for us to be able to keep the doors open during COVID. Including at a change in administration, and completely re-doing the curriculum to include art, music, and field trips! ” Other grants have included; Nora Roberts Foundation, IMBA Foundation, Yip Harburg Lyric Foundation, 4Imprint, and Pets in the Classroom. — Karen Harvey, Fundraiser.

Congratulations to the Latest Grant Recipients!

There are many more success stories you can read about on the new GrantWatch Testimonial Page. After all, when an organization wins a grant, it benefits the whole community. If you’ve received a grant you found on GrantWatch, you could also be featured on GrantNews. If you have a success story you would like to share, please email Support@GrantWatch.com.

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