Teacher Appreciation Is the Heart of Learning

Teacher Appreciation Week may be over but shouldn’t teachers be shown appreciation ALL THE TIME? Our educators are important enough to be entrusted with the mental and physical growth and well-being of our most precious members of society, right? Well then, it stands to reason that we give our gratitude and recognition for the knowledge and guidance they give our children. Here’s a thought, let’s show some teacher appreciation right now! Are you in?!

We’ve all had teachers at some point who mattered in our lives. Maybe some of them stand out in your mind as being a key influencer of the person you are today. Was it your fifth-grade teacher? What about a middle-school teacher who first got you interested in a subject? It was most probably a high school teacher (or even that college prof you had freshman year), coach, or counselor who may have been the one to put you on course to succeed. Good teachers stay with us. Their mentorship means more than teaching a subject or listening to excuses why you missed class. A teacher’s voice, their advice and guidance remains with you through the years to come. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

So, what is the best way to exhibit our appreciation for the teachers who have touched our lives?

GrantWatch (casually raising our hand from the first row) has the answer. We are showing our appreciation for teachers by providing a list of grants and awards to help acknowledge the great work they do all year long. GrantWatch lists over 200 grants in a specific Teachers grants category and close to 3,600 grants in its general Education grants category. Beyond that, there are also countrywide and even international grant funding opportunities listed.

See below for more about the role of a teacher and why they are such an important part of our society!

The Role of a Teacher

We are in the early part of the digital era and technology is only going to grow. And with expanding mobile access, online education, and homeschooling, one might think that teachers are becoming obsolete. It’s fortunate then, that the value of a good teacher is as crucial as ever—if not more so. Teachers play an essential role in shaping the future of young children and adults alike. Sadly, their work in the classroom is often undervalued. Yet, their influence endures throughout a child’s educational journey, from elementary to high school, and beyond.

The role of a teacher is anything but easy. It requires countless hours of preparation and study to manage what is often a large group of individuals. It also takes a significant amount of resilience to effectively educate all types of students. Being a teacher also involves numerous sacrifices. Ultimately, a teacher’s job is to impart specific academic or technical knowledge and skills, act as guide through the learning process, and nurture the intellectual growth of their students. It’s an important responsibility that teachers do not take lightly. And, as much as we carry our favorite teacher’s voice with us, teacher do much the same. They keep their students close in memory with pride and a sense of accomplishment. (lmshero.com, “10 Reasons Why Teachers Are Important“)

A Few Reminders Why Teachers Are Important

(lmshero.com, “10 Reasons Why Teachers Are Important”)

Below is a list of grants and awards to acknowledge the contributions of teachers and/or other educators to the educational growth of their students.

Grants and Awards for Teachers

  1. Grants up to $15,000 to nonprofits, govt. agencies, and tribal entities to provide professional training. Training is for arts programming and equity in the classroom for school teachers and administrators. In fact, funding is for programs to increase student learning through the arts. Projects can be stand-alone or implemented in conjunction with Artists in School projects.
  2. There are grants up to $750 for teachers to enhance K-12 science and meteorology learning. Funding enables teachers and educators to attend conferences, purchase equipment, materials and supplies, and expand programs to improve education for their students, schools, and communities.
  3. In addition, an award of $20,000 and another $5,000 award to the winner and runner-up nominees of community-based and school-based family educators The awards recognize outstanding work in engaging families in the educational process. In fact, the goal of the program is to reward efforts to build school-family partnerships to promote school improvement and student achievement. Funding also supports family leadership, family literacy, and family engagement projects.
  4. Awards of $1,000 for teachers to recognize outstanding educational methods for teaching students about economics. Recipients are K-12 teachers of any subject. As a result, the goal is to reward teachers for using innovative teaching practices to cultivate a rich understanding of economics.
  5. There is a $2,000 award and a one-year membership to a professional association to an eligible teacher to recognize significant contributions to education. In addition, the recipient’s school district receives $1,000 to purchase instructional materials and school supplies. These materials and supplies are to enhance the recipient’s classroom and cover costs related to early-release time. Eligible teachers will reside in rural areas.

Additional Grants and Awards for Teachers

  1. Also, grants up to $5,000 for teachers, administrators, and educational support staff to benefit Native American students. Funding addresses unmet needs in schools and classrooms serving Native students. Preference: unique, sustainable projects. Classes and schools do not need to be 100-percent Native to be eligible, but the majority of students served by the grant program must be Native American.
  2. Grants up to $1,000 to psychology teachers in secondary schools for career development, including networking events and activities. Moreover, funding is for events like conferences, workshops, and innovative programs that bring together teachers from several regional schools.
  3. There are awards for secondary school teachers to recognize outstanding professional achievements. Eligible teachers must be nominated by an organization or institution that is an affiliate of the funding source. The purpose of the program is to recognize teachers who demonstrate exceptional work in high school education.
  4. In addition, grants of $500 to teachers, counselors, and educators who instruct high school students to cover the costs associated with attending an educational conference. Applicants must register as an educator prior to applying. Funding is for registration, accommodations, and travel expenses.
  5. Lastly, grants of up to $1,000 to K-5 teachers at public and nonprofit private schools for creative educational programming. Funding is to increase student success rates in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by introducing original project-based learning ideas.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, teacher appreciation is something that matters to everyone. Whether it’s for one of your children’s teachers, or maybe the educator who influenced you the most, be sure to show them the appreciation they deserve!

How about sharing with us today? Who was your favorite teacher and how did they positively impact your life?

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