Ten Grants for World Conservation Day

World Conservation Day is recognized on July 28. Here are 10 grants that work toward the conservation of animals, natural resources and the environment.

1) In-kind grants of products valued at up to $5,000 to nonprofit and educational organizations to advance environmental and wildlife-related research. Funding is intended to support studies related to animal biology, conservation, habitat monitoring, and vocal wildlife such as bats, birds and frogs. Deadline: 8/15/21

2) Grants of up to $50,000 to nonprofit organizations in the U.S. for the preservation of natural resources. Funding is intended to support initiatives to protect the environment and conserve marine resources. General grants focus on the conservation of natural resources in eastern North America and the Caribbean Basin with an emphasis on the United States. Deadline: 10/16/21

3) Awards to individuals and institutions to recognize outstanding contributions to health, environmental science and energy. Nominations will be considered for those who have contributed to environmental conservation, energy resources and medical achievements that benefit environmental aspects of human health. Deadline: 9/22/21

4) Fellowships to early-career conservation scientists of any nationality based at U.S. institutions of research. This two-year post-doctoral fellowship program is intended to support leading scientists by fostering research skills improvement and providing field learning experiences, training programs and peer networking. Deadline: 9/24/21

5) Grants to U.S. nonprofit organizations, public riding areas and land conservation organizations to promote the proper access and use of public lands. Funding is intended to support activities that ensure the safe use of off-highway vehicles, educate the public on conservation practices and appropriate use of recreational land, and protect sustainable access to public land. Deadline: 9/30/21

6) Grants of up to $2,500 to organizations and institutions for projects and activities that promote the protection of endangered animal species and their habitats. Funding is intended for species preservation activities, scientific research projects and conservation education programs. Deadline: 10/11/21

7) Grants of up to $25,000 to researchers for wildlife and plant protection initiatives. Priority will be given to species facing a high risk of extinction, especially endangered or critically endangered species as well as species with limited information available. Priority will be given to projects that support the professional development of young conservationists. Deadline: 10/31/21

8) Grants of up to $15,000 to U.S. nonprofits for advertising campaigns that further the cause of wildland preservation. Priority will be given to projects that are likely to make an immediate and measurable difference on wildland ecosystem restoration and conservation over those that are purely educational. Deadline: 12/15/21

9) Grants of up to $10,000 to nonprofit organizations in the U.S. working to advance environmental justice and conservation for organizational support. Preference will be given to applicants that advocate for environmental health and justice in minority and low-income communities as well as to those working to preserve habitats and reduce toxic pollution. Deadline: 1/15/22

10) Awards to individuals for noteworthy contributions to the field of animal conservation. This award program is intended to recognize and reward conservationists who have promoted the sustainability of an animal species or group of species making a significant long-term scientific difference. Deadline: 2/25/22

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