Veterans Organization Gets Grant To Support Mental Health

The Veterans Recovery Resources, a nonprofit veterans organization based in Mobile, Alabama, has been awarded a $4 million grant to support mental health and substance abuse issues.

“We are very excited at both the funding and the national recognition that comes with it,” CEO of Veterans Recovery Resource John Kilpatrick said. “This grant allows us to expand our integrated services as a ‘one-stop shop’ for mental health, substance use treatment, primary care and other healthcare services. That way, we can serve even better the vibrant and diverse community of Service Members, Veterans, and their Families, non-veterans, first responders, and families in Southwest Alabama.”

In summary, Veterans Recovery Resources is trying to help veterans struggling to adjust to civilian life. Additionally, the organization is building a residential program, features an outpatient program, and focuses on partnerships with complimentary services.

How Will the Grant Be Used?

Veterans Recovery Resources will use the funding to adopt the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)’s Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic model. Furthermore, this model uses criteria outlined in the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014.

Some of the things that this model offers are:

  • Increased access to crisis care
  • Care coordination with local healthcare providers as well as law enforcement and schools
  • Comprehensive community-based recovery services

Our nation’s heroes and their families deserve our utmost respect and gratitude. Therefore, telling stories about the grants awarded to help them on GrantWatch is a small thing. Many of these grants for veterans help fund key programs for housing, civilian employment opportunities and even healthcare.

Unfortunately, many veterans are at a higher risk for mental health issues. This includes issues like trauma, PTSD, depressions, addiction and even homelessness.

GrantNews Notes

Click here to discover the current grants available that benefit military members and veterans. GrantWatch has categories focused on mental health-related grants as well as substance abuse grants. Locating and applying for the right grants can be essential to funding your initiative or program. Sign up for a paid subscription for GrantWatch to gain access to all of our helpful grant-related resources.

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