The Florida PTA Gets Grant so That Teachers Can Teach STEM in Florida Schools

A lot is going on in education. Obviously, so much has changed because of COVID-19 and the adjustments that have been made to keep students safe. In some states, students are back in school to varying degrees, and in other states and counties, they’re still in distance learning or hybrid systems. But regardless of how much or little students are spending in actual classrooms, education must go on. Students and teachers, and parents are still invested in preparing students for the future so a big part of that future is STEM. STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, is a major part of the future of education and the workforce in general. So it’s great to hear that The Florida PTA has been awarded a grant to enable teachers to teach STEM in Florida schools.

STEM education could become more affordable for some because here’s a grant that can help with providing STEAM (STEM + arts and humanities) education to low-income students in Illinois.

Equipping Students With STEM Skills for Future

This $110,000 grant was awarded by Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PHARMA) to the PTA of Florida.

We appreciate PhRMA and their member companies for devoting resources to STEM curriculum in our state,” said Dr. Danielle Thomas, vice president for education at the Florida PTA. “The Florida PTA wants to ensure all students have the family and community support needed to access and pursue STEM opportunities and careers.

Here Are the Schools That Are on Track to Receive Funds as a Result of This Grant Award:

  • Miami Beach South Pointe Elementary School
  • Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School Parent Teacher Student Association
  • IPrep Academy North
  • Winter Springs Elementary School
  • Miami Beach Senior High School
  • Miami Coral Park Senior High School
  • Milwee Middle School
  • Bay Meadows Elementary School
  • Union Park Middle School
  • A. K. Suter Elementary School
  • Fox Trail Elementary School
  • Sunset Lakes Elementary School
  • Coral Springs Middle School
  • Robinson High School
  • Lutz K-8 School
  • Claywell Elementary School
  • Umatilla Elementary School
  • Hidden Oaks Elementary School
  • Rolling Green Elementary School

GrantWatch Understands the Importance of Education

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