Tezos Foundation Releases Grants for Their Most Recent Request for Proposals

The Tezos foundation has released 14 new grants for projects that were submitted in their most recent request for proposals. The RFP considered projects related to:

  • Applications built using Tezos smart contracts
  • Tezos block explorers and/or innovative tools
  • Tools for Tezos smart contract development
  • Educational/training resources covering Tezos
  • Marketing and other initiatives to help increase awareness of Tezos and its ecosystem

The announcement included descriptions of what the projects will be doing. One of the projects will be improving a Telegram bot for monitoring transactions, missing block endorsements, and double-baking on the Tezos blockchain.

A few other projects will be improving Tezos online learning community, materials, and tools. This has been the driving force behind a lot of the projects being put forward. They will be working on the documentation platform for users, the TezBridge documentation in the text manuals, and the Tezos.help website.

Another project will be creating a formal semantics and reference implementation for Michelson in the K Framework.

Misualizer and TezBridge were developed by Catsigma, a Tezos developer. Misualizer will allow users to visualize all the different scenarios of the Tezos smart contract. Catsigma developed TezBridge, which allows users to use Tezos.

Matthew Smith will write and publish a book to help find more backers and developers. The book will be free but will contain software for a remote signer.

Tezos.help was created in 2017 by Klas Harrysson to help new members. It serves as a help guide directory for various resources. Klas will develop the website into a ful library of all Tezos ecosystem projects and resources, in order to assist users of the ecosystem with any issues they may have.

ECAD Labs will create and develop Grafana and Signatory. This will allow people to sign or reject projects remotely.

The Tezos Foundation began releasing the funds directly after they were approved based on the released information.

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