Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital Receives Grant To Reduce Underage Substance Abuse

Vermont has a drinking problem. More specifically, Vermont has an underage substance abuse problem. And one hospital is trying to do something about that problem. Vermont, as a state has repeatedly topped the lists of substance abuse issues: especially as it relates to underage drinking. This means that something has to be done to ensure that these numbers lower, to keep the youth of Vermont safe. This is probably why a Vermont hospital has been awarded a $450,000 grant from the Vermont Prevention Center of Excellence. Funding for programs that work to lower rates of underage drinking and substance abuse are key.

This grant award has several very ambitious reduction goals: Including On Underage Drinking

  • underage drinking
  • high-risk alcohol consumption
  • marijuana and tobacco misuse
  • reduce prescription drug and stimulant misuse
  • reduce illicit stimulants and opioids misuse

NVRH Director of Substance Misuse Prevention Cheryl Chandler, had this to say about this award:

This is a unique opportunity to collaborate with Umbrella, Inc. to support others in their efforts to reduce substance use disorder throughout the entire Northeast Kingdom and Wells River. This grant will enhance the great work that is being done in the NEK around substance misuse.”

Here’s What This Mitigation Will Actually Look Like

This program will actually look at several areas to try and bring numbers down. One way to prevent substance abuse issues is to identify conditions that can increase risk or prevent risk. Then the program must assess the community’s ability to address relevant issues. Finally, it must come up with strategies and programming.

For this initiative funds will be allocated to these areas:

  • staffing
  • analysis
  • workforce development
  • evaluation of archival data
  • developing a needs assessment

Also, nearly 20,000 (nearly half of all funds) will go towards local partners. NVRH will award sub-grants to local partners focused on the same mission.

NVRH CEO Shawn Tester, also spoke on this grant award, saying: “We’re grateful that the Vermont Department of Health Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs and the Agency of Human Services chose us to be the recipient of this grant”. Tester said. “It’s an exciting opportunity. When it comes to tackling prevention work in our community, this grant will allow us to continue our work upstream and really make a difference.”

GrantWatch understands the need to mitigate substance abuse and lower underage drinking. That’s why we have an entire category on our website dedicated to Substance Abuse grants, for nonprofits and other entities. It’s so important that these organizations have funding to do their critical work.

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