What Does a Grant Writer Do and Why Do You Need One?

One of the most common questions our customer care team hears is; “Do I need to hire a grant writer”? Let’s begin with defining what a grant writer does. Then, you need to decide whether an in-house writer is best to handle your grant writing. Or, if you need to look into hiring an external grant writer from an outside agency.

What a Grant Writer Does

A grant writer is a ghostwriter who constructs proposals for organizations seeking donor funding. Experienced grant writers possess excellent interpersonal skills and are skilled in identifying funding opportunities as a part of the grant writing process. If you hire a writer, that individual will be responsible for researching grants, creating proposals and submitting applications to the funders most likely to award funding to provide support for your non-profits.

First, the writer will study and understand the history, structure, objectives, programs and financial needs of the organization. Then, they will research grant opportunities from government and non-government agencies if you do not already have a grant in mind. Your writer will then draft a proposal and assemble the support documents needed based on the funding requirements of the organization. After that, the writer will then let you review the draft and request any changes to make. The writer will then complete a final draft and submit the proposal with your permission. Sometimes, the seeker can submit the proposal themselves, but that is something to discuss with the writer ahead of time.

Do You Need a Grant Writer?

To sum up, grant writers thoughtfully research each grant opportunity and consider the pros and cons of applying and the chance of success. Time constraints and other factors may cause an in-house writer to apply for grants that are not the best fit. Otherwise, it may take time for a grant consultant to understand your organization’s culture and the best grants.¬†Consider your writer an extension of your organization. They will coach you throughout the entire process and curate the project to fit your needs.

There is no guarantee of receiving a grant. However, hiring an experienced grant writer does increase the chances of being awarded a grant. The average of winning a grant on your own is a 1 in 7 chance. Grant proposals written by professional grant writers have an increased chance of approval.

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