What Is an “Ongoing” Grant Deadline?

When looking for funding opportunities on GrantWatch.com, you may have noticed some grant deadlines are set as “ongoing.” If your nonprofit or business was wondering what this meant but was too shy to ask, then wonder no more!

A “rolling” grant and an “ongoing” grant are one and the same. This means the grant deadline is open and accepting applications until one of the following happens:

A) The funding source runs out of funds, or
B) The funding source is no longer offering the grant.

Benefits of an Ongoing Grant

For ongoing or rolling grants, you can typically apply at any time during the year. While some funders may have a quarterly or monthly deadline (like the first of the month), they will accept applications at any time. Grant applications received after the first will be reviewed with the applications submitted the following month. Funders may review and/or award grants multiple times throughout the year or only annually.

Applying for an ongoing grant can help generate lifelong partnerships with funding sources. Depending on the guidelines given by the funder, you could potentially apply for and win the same grant each year. In addition, your ongoing relationship with the funder could provide you with a stable stream of funding and help your organization run vital programs and services.

Discover Ongoing Grants

Using GrantWatch.com, the leading grant listing directory, you can search for grants that have an ongoing deadline. Below are five grants that are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis:

  1. Organizations can apply for grants and in-kind services for programs that promote recycling.
  2. Grants to nonprofit organizations to promote economic opportunities for Black youth and young adults. 
  3. Grants to nonprofit organizations and clubs to offset costs associated with the rescue of pets
  4. Monthly grants of $1,000 to individuals and organizations to develop small, community-based projects.
  5. In addition, grants are open to nonprofits, for-profit entities, and agencies for initiatives to benefit families, children, and communities.

Additionally, applying for an ongoing grant can help alleviate the pressure of a deadline. If you are a nonprofit organization awaiting approval on your tax-exempt status, you can start on your grant proposal now. Then, you can submit your proposal once your status has been approved.

GrantNews Notes

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