Episode 4 | Help Comes to Haiti and the Mississippi Delta with Nonprofit Grants

On this week’s exciting Episode 4 of GrantTalk, powered by GrantWatch, Libby Hikind has a one-on-one with Dina Ray, the Director of Development at But God Ministries. Dina takes Libby and her audience through the fascinating history of her faith-based nonprofit, from their start in Haiti, all the way back to the Mississippi Delta. Dina describes, in vivid detail, the work BGM does to elevate underserved communities, and she even talks about their working model, SPHERES, which they crafted while in Haiti and brought with them to the Mississippi Delta.

From Haiti to the Mississippi Delta

In 2010, Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake and But God Ministries answered the call. By 2011, this faith-based nonprofit was doing their part to help with sustainable community building projects. By 2016, the organization trekked back to the states to set up shop in the Mississippi Delta. They brought the working model they crafted abroad home and they still employ it today. They call it SPHERES and it helps them to achieve their goals.

  • Spiritual: Personal spiritual guidance
  • Physical: Physical needs, like medical and dental care
  • H2O: Drilling wells for fresh water
  • Education: School tuition, uniforms, and books
  • Roofs: Building homes and making improvements
  • Economic Development: Jobs and business start ups
  • Soil: Farming and gardening to promote food production

The ministry offers help, education, and guidance in all things spiritual, medical, schools, housing, economic relief, and food. This way they build sustainable communities and Dina uses GrantWatch and other sources to create an impressive grant pipeline to help fund all the organization’s work.

Dina also touches on how she navigates the grant funding landscape to find the grants she needs. She and Libby cap it off with a discussion about how to cultivate lasting relationships with funders. From BMGs first successful grant for wheelchair ramps to funding for the Montessori School that But God Ministries supports in Jonestown, Mississippi, Dina and her organization have streamlined the grant-seeking process by utilizing the GrantWatch database and all its tools and features.

Libby and Dina also trade secrets, tips, and stories about how to make finding grants on GrantWatch easier. So, settle in and prepare for an unforgettable audio adventure.

To Conclude

So, tune in to this week’s episode of GrantTalk with Libby Hikind and Dina Ray and experience a grant recipient’s journey.