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Grants For NonProfit Support Services: 

Grants For NonProfit Support Services for board of directors' management, financial accountability and to strengthen community resources, encourage volunteerism and community services.   305 Non-Profit Support Services Grants.

Grants to South Hampton Roads, Virginia Nonprofits for Culture, Health, Economic Stability, Education, and Enviro...

Deadline: 07/01/17
Conference Date: 01/10/17

Grants to South Hampton Roads, Virginia nonprofit organizations for programming, seed funding, and capital support. Focus areas include culture, health and wellness, economic stability, education, and environment. Applicants may discuss a potential ... GrantWatch ID#: 181385

Grants to Ohio Nonprofits and Agencies for Arts Programming that Celebrates Diverse Communities

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 to Ohio nonprofits and agencies for arts programming that celebrates and preserves the traditions of culturally diverse communities. A webinar will be held January 19, 2017. Funds may be used to support programs ... GrantWatch ID#: 178195

Grants to Ohio Artists, Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies for Resources to Advance the Careers of Disabled Artis...

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants of up to $1,000 to Ohio artists and ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 to nonprofits, agencies, and schools for professional services, travel costs, planning and development, and for equipment and studio expenses to further the careers of artists ... GrantWatch ID#: 178196

Grants to Greater Owensboro area, Kentucky Nonprofits for Education, Culture, Family, Environment, Recreation, a...

Deadline: 06/01/17
Conference Date: 03/30/17

Grants to Kentucky nonprofit organizations for community benefit initiatives in the Greater Owensboro area. Funding areas include education, culture, family, environment and recreation, and health and wellness. A grant workshop will be held on March... GrantWatch ID#: 181283

Grants to Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware Nonprofits for Early Stage Neighborhood Revitalization ...

Deadline: 09/01/17
Conference Date: 04/04/17

Grants starting at $25,000 to Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware nonprofit organizations to support the initial stages of neighborhood revitalization projects. A grant workshop will be held on April 4, 2017. Funding is intended to improv... GrantWatch ID#: 181479

Grants to Louisiana Nonprofit Art Organizations, Agencies, and IHEs in Eligible Parishes for Community Art Projec...

Deadline: 06/01/17
Conference Date: 04/11/17

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $7,500 to Louisiana nonprofit art organizations, agencies, and IHEs for public art programs and organizational support in eligible parishes. Trainings will be held April 11 to 13, 2017, and applicants may submit drafts ... GrantWatch ID#: 181367

Grants to King County, Washington Nonprofits and Tribal Agencies for Environmental Equity and Stewardship

Deadline: 07/24/17
LOI Date: 06/01/17
Conference Date: 04/19/17

Grants ranging from $5,000 to $75,000 to Washington nonprofit organizations and tribal agencies to protect natural resources and promote environmental equity in the City of Seattle and other eligible areas of King County. Information sessions are sc... GrantWatch ID#: 143095

Grants to Montana Nonprofits, Agencies, and Educational Institutions to Promote Health

Deadline: 06/05/17
Conference Date: 05/02/17

Grants ranging from $10,000 to $75,000 to Montana nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions for a broad range of projects that promote health. An informational webinar is scheduled for May 2. This grant program is in... GrantWatch ID#: 180767

Grants to USA Nonprofits Supporting Wildlife Sanctuaries to Enhance Organizational Effectiveness and Capacity

Deadline: 07/11/17
Conference Date: 05/03/17

Grants ranging between $1,500 and $15,000 to USA nonprofits, that support wildlife sanctuaries or refuges, in order to enhance the organization's effectiveness. A webinar will be held May 3rd. The main goals of the grant will be to aid organizations... GrantWatch ID#: 153068

Grants to Kansas Nonprofits, Agencies, Schools, and IHEs to Prevent Underage Drinking and Drug Use

Deadline: 06/02/17
Conference Date: 05/09/17

Grants to Kansas coalitions of nonprofit organizations, government agencies, schools, and IHEs for the development of a comprehensive, community-based strategy to prevent underage drinking and drug use. Coalition planning will result in a community-... GrantWatch ID#: 181625

Grants to New Mexico Nonprofits to Increase Organizational Effectiveness and Capacity Building

Deadline: 06/21/17
Conference Date: 05/10/17

Grants ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 to New Mexico nonprofits for initiatives that improve programmatic, organizational, and collaborative effectiveness and capacity building for the organization. Pre-proposal webinars will be held on May 10 and 11... GrantWatch ID#: 181345

Grants to USA Academic Institutions for Research on Nonprofit Leadership and Association Management

Deadline: 06/01/17
LOI Date: 05/15/17

Grants of $7,500 to USA academic institutions on behalf of scholars for research that will advance nonprofit leadership and association management. LOIs are due May 15. The intention of this program is to support the research of those working (or ma... GrantWatch ID#: 152706

Grants to USA Researchers for Research that Impacts the Field of Nonprofit and Association Management

Deadline: 06/01/17
LOI Date: 05/15/17

Grants of up to $7,500 to USA individual researchers to conduct research on improving nonprofit membership and member-based associations. A letter of intent is due May 15, 2017. Funding is intended to support research proposals that show the greates... GrantWatch ID#: 153686

Fellowships to Maricopa County, Arizona Nonprofit Leaders for Professional Development Sabbaticals

Deadline: 09/01/17
Conference Date: 05/22/17

Fellowships of up to $90,000 to Maricopa County, Arizona individuals in leadership positions at local nonprofit organizations to take a sabbatical for professional development. The fellow’s organization may operate in the areas of education, healt... GrantWatch ID#: 180966

Grants to Bowling Green, Kentucky Neighborhood Organizations for Community Enhancement Projects

Deadline: 07/14/17
Conference Date: 05/22/17

Grants of up to $7,500 to Bowling Green, Kentucky neighborhood organizations for a broad range of community enhancement activities. Training sessions are scheduled for May 9, 22, and 30, and June 5. Applicants may schedule a pre-submission review se... GrantWatch ID#: 181402

Grants to British Columbia First Nation Elders Groups for Capacity Development Projects

Deadline: 05/23/17

Grants of up to $2,000 to British Columbia First Nation Elders groups and communities, and organizations representing Elders. Funding is intended to provide an incentive for BC First Nation Elders groups to implement projects that promote capacity d... GrantWatch ID#: 154843

Grants to Winnipeg, Manitoba Nonprofits and Groups for Family and Parenting Programs in the Downtown Area

Deadline: 05/26/17

Grants of up to $2,500 and grants of up to $5,000 to Winnipeg, Manitoba nonprofit organizations and groups for parenting and family-oriented programs in eligible downtown areas. Funding may be used to purchase supplies, equipment, and materials inte... GrantWatch ID#: 144046

Grants to Sturgis Area, Michigan Nonprofits for Educational and Charitable Activities

Deadline: 05/26/17

Grants to Sturgis Area, Michigan nonprofit organizations for educational and charitable programs and projects that will benefit the local community. Funding is intended for organizational support, equipment, and specific projects needs. Applicants m... GrantWatch ID#: 150207

Grants to New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey Nonprofits in Eligible Areas for Girls' and Women's Programs

Deadline: 05/26/17

Grants to New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey nonprofits in the New York Metropolitan area for projects that support girls and women. Applicants should contact the Foundation before submitting an application. Funding is intended for educational, c... GrantWatch ID#: 180402

Grants to USA Community Programs and Hospitals for Gynecological Cancer Patient Support

Deadline: 05/29/17

Grants of up to $25,000 and grants of up to $50,000 to USA community-based programs, cancer centers, and hospitals with a large number of gynecological cancer patients. Funding is intended for medical and other support services and may be used to co... GrantWatch ID#: 153790

Awards to London, Ontario Nonprofits, Agencies, and Individuals for Outstanding Work in the Nonprofit Sector

Deadline: 05/31/17

Awards of $2,000 to London, Ontario nonprofits, individuals, businesses, and government sector organizations to recognize outstanding work within the local community and nonprofit sector. Four different awards are available. Nominees should demonstr... GrantWatch ID#: 143431

Grants to South Dakota Nonprofits and Local Governments for Services and Shelters for the Homeless

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants ranging from $10,000 to $80,000 to South Dakota nonprofits and local governments for homelessness prevention and emergency shelter activities. Eligible applicants are those that have prior experience working with families and individuals at-r... GrantWatch ID#: 178691

Grants to Indiana and Arizona Nonprofits for Community Services, Education, Arts, and Environment in Eligible Ci...

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants to Indiana and Arizona nonprofits for programs that enhance the quality of life in the region. Potential applicants must consult with grants program staff at least two months prior to the proposal deadline, and if invited to do so, must then ... GrantWatch ID#: 179343

Grants to Louisiana Nonprofits and Businesses in St. Landry Parish for Tourism-Related Marketing Expenses

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants to St. Landry Parish, Louisiana nonprofit organizations and business for projects and events that promote tourism to the area. Funding is intended to cover marketing expenses related to public tourism activities that promote the history and a... GrantWatch ID#: 180407

Grants to Nashville Area, Tennessee Nonprofits for Health, Human Services, Education, Civic Activities, and the A...

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants typically ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 to Nashville area, Tennessee nonprofit organizations for capital projects, operating support, and community benefit programs or projects. Funding is intended for the focus areas of health, human service... GrantWatch ID#: 180475

Grants to Arizona Nonprofits and Agencies for Education, Arts, Health, Leadership and Special Needs Programs for ...

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants to Arizona nonprofits, government entities, community-based organizations, schools, and civic clubs for children's and youth services and programs in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. Funding is intended for education, arts and c... GrantWatch ID#: 180622

Grants to USA Libraries, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, and Clinics in Eligible States for Innovative Proje...

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants starting at $50,000 to USA libraries, educational institutions, hospitals, and clinics in eligible states for innovative projects. Funding is intended for initiatives in Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Mas... GrantWatch ID#: 180741

Grants to Kansas and Missouri Nonprofits for Culture, Education, Health, and Human Services in the Kansas City Me...

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants to Kansas and Missouri nonprofit organizations for community benefit programs and general operating support in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. Funding is intended for quality cultural, educational, healthcare, and human services pr... GrantWatch ID#: 181015


Grants to Hawaii Nonprofits, Schools, Churches, and Groups for Unrestricted Organizational Support

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants of up to $20,000 and grants of up to $50,000 to high-performing Hawaii nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, and groups seeking unrestricted, flexible funds to better serve their communities. Applicants are advised to register online in... GrantWatch ID#: 181106

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits to Foster Intercultural Dialogue

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants and in-kind support to USA, Canada, and International nonprofit organizations for innovative projects that foster intercultural understanding and dialogue. This program invites applications from organizations around the world that seek to gro... GrantWatch ID#: 181411


Grants to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Nonprofits for Market-Based Strategies to Improve the Quality of Life

Deadline: 09/21/17
Conference Date: 05/31/17

Grants ranging from $10,000 to $30,00 to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania nonprofit organizations for projects using market-based strategies to improve financial stability and the quality of life in the region. An info session will be held on May 31, ... GrantWatch ID#: 180244

Grants to Madison County, Alabama Nonprofits for Program, Operating, Endowment, and Capital Support

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants to Madison County, Alabama nonprofit organizations for a broad range of projects that benefit local communities. Requests may be made for endowments and major capital projects. Consideration will also be given to program, administrative, and ... GrantWatch ID#: 169234

Grants to Alabama Arts Nonprofits, Agencies, Museums, and Arts Organizations for Visual Arts Related Programs

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants to Alabama nonprofits, agencies, art museums, arts organizations, and individuals for programs in the field of visual arts and that originate in the state. Applicants should contact the funding source before applying. An LOI must be submitted... GrantWatch ID#: 171902


Grants to Louisiana and New Mexico Nonprofits for Human Services, Environment, and Education

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants to Louisiana and New Mexico nonprofit organizations for operating expenses and innovative projects in the focus areas of human service needs, environment, and education. Funding is intended for creative approaches to address current and emerg... GrantWatch ID#: 175082

Grants to Alaska Nonprofits, Agencies, and Schools for Grassroots Arts Activities

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to Alaska nonprofit organizations, government, and tribal agencies, and schools for cultural heritage and arts activities. Applicants are required to contact program staff prior to applying. This program assists small organiza... GrantWatch ID#: 176238

Grants to California and Oregon Nonprofits for Environment, Health, Human Services, Arts, and Education

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants to Bay Area, California and Greater Portland Area, Oregon nonprofit organizations for activities in the areas of environment, health and human services, arts and culture, and education. Funding may be requested for specific projects and gener... GrantWatch ID#: 176670

Grants to USA Nonprofits and Agencies in Southern States for Professional Development Opportunities for New Presen...

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants of up to $15,000 to USA nonprofits and government agencies in Southern States to support performing artists in career development. Funding is intended for professionals at the early stages of their careers in the performing arts. This new pro... GrantWatch ID#: 176957

Grants to Georgia Nonprofits for Projects to Benefit Local Communities

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants to Georgia nonprofit organizations for projects that will have a significant positive impact on communities within the State. Applicants are encouraged to submit a letter of intent well in advance of the deadline date. Preference will be give... GrantWatch ID#: 177779

Grants to North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota Nonprofits and Schools to Benefit Eligible Rural Communities

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants to North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota nonprofit organizations and educational institutions to benefit rural communities within the funding source's service area. Program areas include environmental stewardship, education, community enh... GrantWatch ID#: 177824

In-Kind Grants to Illinois, California, and New York Nonprofits and Schools in Eligible Areas to Expand Capacity

Deadline: 06/01/17

In-kind grants valued at $45,000 or more to Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles and San Francisco area, California, and New York City, New York, nonprofits and schools for professional consulting services that will enhance organizations' operations and e... GrantWatch ID#: 177866

Grants to Ohio Nonprofits, Agencies, and Schools for Professional Development and Technical Assistance

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to Ohio nonprofits, agencies, and educational organizations from the pre-K through university level for projects that improve capacity and strengthen business practices. Grants may fund planning or evaluation wor... GrantWatch ID#: 178194

In-Kind Computer Donations to USA Nonprofits to Improve Services to Underserved Communities

Deadline: 06/01/17

In-kind donations of up to 20 computers to USA nonprofits to assist in providing services to underserved populations. Donations are intended to help organizations improve their ability to provide services such as education, job training, technology ... GrantWatch ID#: 178435

Grants to Marshall County, Iowa Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies for Arts, Education, Human Services, and Commun...

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants starting at $1,000 to Marshall County, Iowa nonprofit organizations, schools, and local units of government for community benefit activities. Applicants should contact Foundation staff prior to application submittal. Focus areas include arts,... GrantWatch ID#: 179084

Grants to California Nonprofits to Support K-12 Public Schools in Alameda and West Contra Costa Counties

Deadline: 08/01/17
LOI Date: 06/01/17

Grants to California nonprofits to support K-12 public school students in Alameda and West Contra Costa Counties that face the most significant economic, racial, and social barriers. An LOI is due June 1, 2017. Priority is given to programs that are... GrantWatch ID#: 179631

Grants to Florida Cultural Nonprofits to Establish Endowments for General Operating Support

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants to Florida nonprofit cultural organizations to build endowment funds for the purpose of supporting general operations. Applicants are encouraged to contact program staff prior to applying. Applicants are advised to apply for the required orga... GrantWatch ID#: 179877

Grants to Edmonton, Alberta Arts Nonprofits and Individuals to Support Travel for Research, Conferences, and Edu...

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants of up to $750 to Edmonton, Alberta nonprofits and individual artists, arts educators and arts and festival administrators for travel to conferences, to attend exhibitions, and for training, development, marketing, and presentation purposes. ... GrantWatch ID#: 180300

Grants to Minnesota Nonprofits and IHEs for Education, Arts, Health, Human Services, Economic Independence, and C...

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants to Minnesota nonprofit organizations and IHEs for projects, general operating, and capital support. Funding is intended for education and higher education, health and human services, community needs, arts, and culture, and economic independen... GrantWatch ID#: 180325

Grants to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC Nonprofits for Housing, Employment, and Financial Stability

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC nonprofit organizations to strengthen communities throughout the Washington metropolitan region. Applicants seeking multi-year and capital support are strongly encourag... GrantWatch ID#: 180696

Grants to Southeast Alaska Nonprofits to Improve the Health, Education, and Welfare of Local Individuals and Fami...

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants ranging from $200 to $5,000 to Southeast Alaska nonprofits for programs that improve the health, education, and welfare of local individuals and families. Funds are intended to support quality programs that effectively respond to the needs of... GrantWatch ID#: 181090

Grants to Northern Nevada Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies to Evaluate Community Programming

Deadline: 08/15/17
LOI Date: 06/01/17

Grants of up to $15,000 to Northern Nevada nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies to evaluate current programming in order to improve community impact. LOIs are due June 1. This program is intended to assist nonpr... GrantWatch ID#: 181230

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