12 Grants Just for Teachers

Teachers often have to purchase their own supplies when decorating their classrooms. Even standard office supplies, like pens and paper, can sometimes come out of teachers’ personal money.

Though the U.S. government gives a $250 tax credit to teachers for any school supplies they buy, some surpass this amount. Recently, 94% of public school teachers reported they dipped into their own funds to pay for class supplies. On average, teachers spent $479 out of pocket, with nearly 10% reportedly spending more than $1,000.

Students struggling to grasp the curriculum, often rely on supplemental materials. However, these additional resources are not always subsidized by schools. In recognition of the sacrifices and dedication of our teachers, we’ve found 12 grants to help ease the burdens of these costs.

12 Grants for Teachers

1. Up to $5,000 in funding is available to eligible educators to enhance the learning experience for students. Furthermore, this grant can support project-based learning, skill development, and engaging learning experiences.

2. In-kind grants of essential school supplies are available to teachers in underserved schools; teaching in the classroom or via distance learning. While relieving the financial burden from teachers who are spending their own money on supplies, this grant aims to improve the educational experience of students.

3. Teachers can nominate their school to receive up to $500 of technology items in-kind. Specifically, technology products include power banks, USB flash drives, pop sockets, and charging cables branded with the school logo.

4. Grants of $500 are now open to educators for classroom projects and lessons related to aviation. Furthermore, applicants can include private, charter, and public school K-12 teachers, homeschooling cooperatives, and STEM coordinators.

5. High school educators can apply for grants of $500 for supplies and materials to aid in classroom instruction. Moreover, this funding is to assist teachers in providing additional opportunities to their students and classrooms.

6. Grants are open to full-time public and public charter school educators, including counselors, librarians, nurses, and therapists. Particularly, this funding is for classroom projects that benefit students. Examples include books, technology, and field trips.

Specialty Grants:

7. PreK-12 teachers can apply for grants to incorporate agricultural lessons into the core curriculum. Moreover, this funding is to help purchase materials necessary for projects related to agriculture, gardening, and other related topics. Teachers may propose creative classroom projects that use agricultural concepts to teach reading, writing, math, science, social studies, etc.

8. College and post-secondary education faculty staff can apply to receive surplus laboratory equipment. A wide range of equipment and training apparatuses include but are not limited to amplifiers, oscilloscopes, mass spectrometers, and power supplies.

9. An in-kind grant of software and training is available worldwide to educators to help their students practice and master math facts. However, grantees may use the software with only one classroom of students (up to a maximum of 40). 

10. Grants of $200 are available to educators for community-based initiatives. This grant is to support valuable work in local communities benefitting residents, animals, and the environment.

11. K-5 teachers at public and private schools may be awarded $1,000 for creative educational programming. This grant aims to increase student success rates in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by introducing original project-based learning ideas.

12. Grants and in-kind support are open for nursing and medical educators to support career development and innovative educational approaches. Funding is to promote the careers of promising doctorally-prepared faculty members in medicine and nursing.

More Grants are Available!

Meanwhile, more than 150 grants are currently available to educators. Additionally, grants can also be found for preschools, elementary schools, high schools, and post-secondary education (IHEs). While our youth is the future, teachers play an important role in preparing them.

Continued funding is crucial for the development of students, and resources (such as GrantWatch.com) provide opportunities to locate current funding opportunities. As the school holidays end, we look forward to the new term and those going back to school!

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