Top Grants to Apply for in 2022!

In the new year of 2022, comes new chances to secure funding! No matter if you’re a nonprofit organization, for-profit business, or an individual, GrantWatch is happy to announce that we have more than 8,000 grants currently accepting applications.

Meanwhile, this is an important milestone for GrantWatch and shows enormous growth. Furthermore, to give you some background: In July of 2019, we had 3,500 currently available grants posted. To celebrate this occasion, we are sharing 22 grants to celebrate both the new year and our staff’s diligent efforts.

10 Grants for Nonprofit Organizations:
  1. Firstly, up to $20,000 is available to nonprofit organizations for the promotion of animal welfare.
  2. Grants are open to nonprofit organizations for charitable work, innovative projects, and research. 
  3. There’s grants of up to $10,000 to nonprofit organizations for programs to improve children’s health.
  4. Nonprofit institutions can apply for grants to foster the study and appreciation of historical American art.  
  5. Grants of up to $1,500 are open to nonprofits for recreational programs for individuals with disabilities. 
  6. There are grants of up to $3,000 to nonprofit museums and libraries to preserve and exhibit collections.
  7. Funding of up to $20,000 is open to nonprofit organizations for community benefit programs and projects. 
  8. Grants of $50,000 and in-kind donations for nonprofit organizations to address social justice
  9. There’s grants to nonprofits and theater ensembles to produce touring projects throughout the country.
  10. As well as grants of up to $500 to nonprofit organizations and government entities for archery programs for youth

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6 Grants for Small Businesses:
  1. Grants and in-kind services to filmmakers or production company for unique small budget film projects.
  2. Opportunity for minority-owned small businesses to participate in an online marketing accelerator program.
  3. Grants of up to $50,000 and in-kind services to startup companies to relocate to St. Louis, Missouri. 
  4. There is also an opportunity for cybersecurity startups to participate in an accelerator program in Texas. 
  5. Grants of up to $5,000 and in-kind donations to groups and businesses to conserve, protect, and restore important wildlife habitats in ponds, rivers, swamps, wetlands, and streams. 
  6. Grants of $10,000 to foodservice businesses owned by individuals of Asian and Pacific Island descent following the COVID health crisis.

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6 Grants for Individuals:
  1. Up to $1,000 is available to K-5 teachers at schools for creative educational programming. 
  2. There are grants of $3,500 to individuals for an environmental stewardship initiative. 
  3. Grants and in-kind support are open to early-stage jewelry designers for career-building activities.
  4. There’s grants of up to $10,000 to visual artists for artistic development activities. 
  5. Grants of up to $10,000 are open to a graduate student or psychologist for a public outreach project. 
  6. And lastly, up to $25,000 is available to USA educators for creative projects that enhance student learning. 

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More Grants are Available

Overall, more than 8,000 grants are currently available, with new grants being released each day! Additionally, there are more than 60 different categories to help you narrow down your search results.

You will need to upgrade to a MemberPlus+ subscription to view the full grant details. This includes eligibility criteria and application information. For more information, you can also visit the GrantWatch FAQ page. 

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