5 Grants for Tourism You’re Going to Want to Check Out

Something that we haven’t spoken about is how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted tourism. And while that may not seem to be a big deal, it is. Many states in the U.S. have major tourism industries. This is especially true for states with consistent weather, high-volume tourist attractions, and theme parks. Also states with national monuments or landmarks. States like California, Florida, Nevada, Texas, and New York have some of the largest tourist industries.

Author’s note: I’m from NYC but every so often I like to go back and do all the fun tourist things. I’ll go to the American Museum of Natural History which is one of my favorite places to visit. I’ll get a pretzel from a street vendor. I may go to one of my favorite pizza places like Jerusalem Pizza in Brooklyn . I may go to Times Square just to see how magical it is. Being a tourist in your own city is actually really fun. GrantWatch has a grant here to study the effects of Covid-19 on tourism.

Anyways, back to tourism. Many states have big tourism industries but a lot of that revenue was lost during the pandemic. That doesn’t just affect the states. But also affects many vendors, businesses, and people who lost out on that income. From the local food vendors at baseball fields to the restaurants around those tourist locations. This includes a state like my current home in Florida, which has a major tourist industry, especially during cold winter months that send people fleeing other states. They are known as snowbirds. That’s why I want to help in some small way. So, I thought I would share some tourism grants, especially in states that have been seriously impacted.

Let’s Talk Tourism: Grants for States That Have Been Impacted

So, let’s begin at the start of the list. We’re going to focus on the states with the most popular tourism destinations. Those would be the states that would lose a higher percentage of revenue from having to close during COVID-19, and from the missed foot traffic.

The top five states for tourist attractions are

  1. California
  2. Florida 
  3. Nevada
  4. Texas
  5. New York 

So, to begin with, let’s start off with the lone-star state:

  1. Here’s a listing we have for grants for Texas nonprofits to promote arts, humanities, and tourism. These grants will go to nonprofits with projects in those areas in eligible locations.
  2. And here’s grants for California nonprofits and small businesses for events and entertainment. These grants will go to nonprofit organizations and small businesses in eligible locations for family-friendly events.
  3. You should check out this listing for grants for Nevada organizations to promote local tourist attractions and events. This funding is intended for requests specifically that help the tourism industry in Nevada.
  4. Here’s one for Florida nonprofits and for-profits that’s a bit different. Here are grants that are specifically intended for Florida nonprofits and for-profits for sporting events that attract tourists. These grants of up to $40,000 can be very helpful for those who apply.
  5. Finally, here are grants we have listed for New York organizations for events that promote local tourism. Funding awarded may be used for expenses such as entertainment, advertising, and staffing.

GrantWatch Hopes Local Economies Recover as We All Recover From COVID

We are all glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel with COVID-19. It’s important that this period is getting close to the end. For so many people relying on the income that comes from tourist-related spending. That’s why we are happy to share all of these grants with our amazing readers here at GrantNews. It’s also why we have an entire category over at Grantwatch for Travel & Tourism grants. You can visit that category to find similar grants. We also have several other grant categories that our subscribers can look through to find a grant that fits their specific need.

If you have any questions regarding these grant categories, or anything else, feel free to reach out! You can reach our amazing customer-support staff by calling 561-249-4129!

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