Arizona Department of Education Announces an Additional $16 Million in Education Funding

Education is absolutely critical to progress. It’s important to ensure that our students receive a quality education. It is important to train and retain the best teachers. It is so important to have the proper services that give students the absolutely best chance to succeed. All of those things, and more, require proper funding. This is why I talk a lot about education here at GrantNews because we know absolutely how important it is. There’s many different types of education, but ensuring that we properly fund primary-education, focusing on K-12. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the disparities that exist in education were made even more clear. And between distance learning, and adaptions to a hybrid model is being able to create a safe environment for kids in the classroom. Providing proper funding for education became even more critical.

This is why it’s so great to see that the Arizona Department of Education has announced $16 million in additional federal funding. So let’s talk about it.

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Education Funding Is Important: Here’s Where It’s Going

So, what is this additional funding going towards? According to the Department of Education in Arizona, the funding is meant to support several key interests including:

  • Arizona’s public schools
  • Educators
  • Leaders
  • Families

The goal is to support all these groups through strategic partners and initiatives overseen by the Department of Education.

Here’s what Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman had to say about this new additional federal funding for education: “The COVID-19 pandemic further exposed many long-standing inequities impacting Arizona students and families,” said Superintendent Hoffman. “Through these partnerships and investments, the Department can, and should maximize the impact of these one-time federal dollars and ensure long-term recovery support for our public schools and the students they serve.”

Here’s the Initiatives That the Arizona Department of Education (Ade) Is Supporting Through This Funding:

So, this list explains where all this funding is going:

  • Partnership with ASU Prep Digital: Math Momentum $9.6 million
  • Special Education Cost Study $500K
  • Parent Educator Academy: All in Education $1 million
  • Opportunities for Youth $100K
  • Holistic Youth Transformation Program: New Pathways for Youth $500K
  • Time is Now Youth Mentorship: Big Brothers, Big Sisters $300k
  • Diné Institute Teacher Fellows: Northern Arizona University $1 million
  • Partnership with University of Arizona’s Center for Recruitment & Retention of Math Educators for Professional Development $300K
  • Social Emotional Learning: Trauma-Sensitive Training and Support for Schools $100k
  • Laptop and Hotspot Partnership with City of Phoenix $853k
  • Partnership with AdviseAZ Americorps: College and Career Counseling $600k
  • Support for Ask Benji Chatbot: Increase FAFSA Completion Rates $1.5 million

Hopefully all of these funds will help improve upon education and student experience in Arizona.

GrantWatch Is Excited to See Arizona Try to Help All Stakeholders in Education

It’s good to see that Arizona is trying to make strategic investments in education. It’s so critical to ensure that parents and students are both supported. Additionally, helping teachers and improving public schools is important. We have two categories on GrantWatch specifically for education related grants. we have a grant category for elementary education grants. We also have a general education grant category for our subscribers to look through for funding their initiatives. And we have several other grant categories that may overlap these.

If you have any questions regarding these grant categories, or any other, feel free to reach out! You can reach our amazing customer support team for any of your grant questions.

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