Five Technology Grants for Startups and Businesses

While the majority of technology grants are available to nonprofit organizations and government agencies, there is hope for for-profit businesses. Startups and small businesses face many challenges. However, opportunities are currently available for challenges associated with technological innovation.

1. Prizes up to $100,000 are available to startups for technology-based projects. To be eligible, projects must support initiatives addressing barriers to participation in the digital workforce. Furthermore, the business must demonstrate increased employment among underserved groups.

2. While no monetary funds are granted, an opportunity for businesses and startups is now open to develop creative technology-based solutions to climate-change issues. The winners will be given the opportunity to present their innovative solution to a large audience during a global award ceremony, as well as benefit from promotional and networking support.

3. Up to $256,000 in funding is currently open to businesses for the development of new technologies. The grant is to support the development of technically risky and innovative technologies in the fields of science and technology. Moreover, socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses are encouraged to participate.

4. Individuals, groups, and organizations may be eligible for a $1,000 grant. This funding is for the development of small, community-based projects in a wide range of areas. Areas of interest include the arts, community development, and technology that support a positive change in the community.

5. Black-led startup businesses are invited to participate in a business accelerator program. In addition, up to $100,000 in investment cash is available to the winning applicant. Other applicants will also receive funding, mentorship, office space and other benefits. However, the business must focus on the areas of Fintech, Insurtech, digital health or data analytics.

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More grants and opportunities are available for startups, businesses and technology. New grants are released on a regular basis, so it’s ideal to use grant listing directories such as to stay updated.

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