Bader Philanthropies Awards Grant To Help Increase Mental Health Services In Milwaukee

With everything going on in the world, stress is at an all-time high for so many, and access to mental; health resources is even more critical. For those who are the most vulnerable, and would not otherwise have access to these services, providing funding is needed, which is what Christan Family Services (CFS) is trying to do in inner cities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the nonprofit has just received a $100,000 grant to help expand these services.

This week CFS announced that they would be utilizing a $100,000 grant from Bade Philanthropies inc to expand its current services. CFS offers outpatient therapies and counseling which provide trauma-informed and culturally sensitive therapies to children in Milwaukee schools, which are provided at almost no cost to parents or schools.


CFS’s programs ensure that children who may not otherwise have access to therapy are able to receive it in a school-based system. CFS places these mental health counselors in inner-city schools, which may not have proper resources to provide counseling, because of a gap in funding.

According to a study conducted by Wisconsin Council on Children and Families: Students of color, students whose families don’t have health insurance, and students with immigrant parents who don’t speak English may experience barriers to being able to speak to a mental health counselor. This grant funding will allow CFS to place five additional outpatient mental-health counselors in schools. This move will allow for CFS to strengthen it’s STRONG (Successfully Treating and Reaching Our Next Generation) program. This program actually provides counseling to students with significant challenges at another campus at St. Marcus Lutheran School.

Mark Klug, chief executive officer of Christian Family Solutions had this to say about CFS receiving this $100,000 grant:

The grant from Bader Philanthropies allows us to continue expanding this effective program, train more counselors, and serve more youth at additional schools. We know it is of utmost importance that we maintain our school counseling and STRONG programs because in some cases we are these students’ last hope for treating trauma in their lives and remaining in school. 

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