Celebrate National Arkansas Day with These Five Grants

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series recognizing each of the 50 states by providing state-specific grants for each. These articles follow the National Day Calendar Year. The calendar began celebrating each state in the order they entered the union starting the week of Independence Day. National Arkansas Day is celebrated on January 11, And Arkansas was the 25th state to join the union.

So, in honor of National Arkansas Day, GrantWatch is sharing some of its favorite grants below that are specifically for the state.

Arkansas is popular for its Southern lifestyle. As a state in the deep south, it is home to barbecue, small-town festivals, and beautiful scenery. Its charming landscape even landed it the nickname “The Natural State.”

The state is famous for its national parks and hot springs and has more than 2,400 named lakes. It is also one of the only places in the world where people can look for diamonds in their original volcanic source, as it has its own diamond mind that is open to the public.

Along with these interesting facts about Arkansas for National Arkansas Day, here are a few other facts you might not know about the state.

10 Fun Facts About Arkansas

  1. Rice production is a billion dollar industry in the state.
  2. Walmart stores also began there.
  3. The state bird is a mockingbird.
  4. In addition, Johnny Cash was born there.
  5. There are six national park sites in Arkansas.
  6. The state also holds the World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest
  7. The three largest diamonds in America were from the state.
  8. Cheese dip was invented there and the state hosts an annual World Cheese Dip Championship.
  9. Additionally, the fiddle is the state’s musical instrument.
  10. Finally, the famous poet Maya Angelou grew up there.

Five Arkansas-Specific Grants

  1. Firstly, there are grants of up to $2,000 to Arkansas nonprofit organizations including churches, schools, and libraries to host performances and exhibitions by touring artists. Applicants may select visual artists, performers, and prepared exhibitions from the Artist Roster. Eligible nonprofits may receive reimbursement for up to 40 percent of the cost to hire a professional artist.
  2. Grants to Arkansas nonprofits, agencies, and private property owners to help protect and enhance historic properties throughout the state. Funding is to help offset limited financial resources which may be an obstacle for the preservation and restoration of historic properties.
  3. There are also grants to Arkansas households for rent and utility support during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis. Funding is to help income-eligible residents who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. Landlords who have tenants unable to pay their rent because of lost income or the COVID-19 pandemic also may apply. Upon approval, payments will go directly to landlords, or tenants should the landlord choose not to participate, and utility companies.
  4. In addition, there are grants of up to $250 and up to $500 to Arkansas schools, FFA chapters, and 4-H clubs for educational garden projects that showcase agriculture as an integral part of life. Gardens must be located on or next to a school site. Gardens may demonstrate the connection between food, agriculture, conservation, fiber, wildlife, and the urban environment.
  5. Finally, there are grants of up to $5,000 to Arkansas nonprofit organizations for programming related to African American culture and history. Funding is intended to support research studies and projects designed to preserve, document, and interpret the culture and history of the state’s African American communities.

GrantNews Notes

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