$150k Could Be Yours! Cash Prizes for Face Mask Designs

A grant for face mask designs? Yes, you read correctly! Often at times, grants seem so serious. However, if you’re willing to search, then you’re bound to find a few fun gems!

You can easily get carried away (or lost) when it comes to grant searching. Typically, when you’re hunting to fund a specific program or project, you forget there are opportunities available that could launch you into a new direction. What could start as a bit of fun or a side hobby, could win you a life-changing amount.

In our latest GrantWatch.com search, we found applications are now open for next-generation face mask designs. There are four cash prizes up for grabs; 2 finalists will each receive $150,000, and 2 semi-finalists will each receive $50,000. So who can apply? Pretty much all U.S. citizens and permanent residents. But, you’ll need to hurry — the deadline is February 14.

So, why the sudden funding for face masks?

From wildfire smoke, pollution in large cities, to viruses like the flu, the general public needs an effective solution to prevent adverse health consequences associated with airborne exposures. The 21st-century health threats are ever-evolving and require similarly adaptable solutions. 

Current masks aren’t perfect. They do provide some level of protection to the wearer depending on their design elements and their ability to fit the wearer. However, notable barriers remain that reduce overall mask usage. Among these barriers are:

  • Physical discomfort with prolonged use, particularly in hot and humid environments,
  • Discomfort related to breathing resistance,
  • Irritant contact dermatitis with extended wear,
  • Fogging of eyeglasses
  • Inability to effectively communicate with others (speech is muffled, and others cannot see the wearer’s facial expressions)

You may know of other issues! But coming up with a design to solve just one of these challenges could land you a hefty sum. Fancy yourself an entrepreneur? Then check out these entrepreneur grants currently available.

Grant searching tips!

As mentioned earlier, it might be worth your while to browse through the opportunities available to individuals. Why not browse through the “Awards” category to see if you’re eligible for any prizes for work you’ve already done. Or, have a look through the “Capital Funding” category to see if there’s anything that could be used for an upcoming project. Don’t forget, there are also still COVID grants available to individuals!

If you are not already an active MemberPlus+ user with GrantWatch, you will need to purchase a subscription in order to view the full grant details, including the eligibility criteria and RFP application link. >> Click here to learn about the free trial that is available.

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