COVID-19 Grants for Individuals

Grants for individuals? Yes, they do exists! Let’s dispel a common myth. Grants are not awarded exclusively to nonprofits. Individuals may qualify for grants as well. Currently, GrantWatch has more than 1,400 grants for individuals listed on the site. Of these, more than 50 are being awarded to individuals who have been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another.

Although many of the grants for individuals are industry-specific (for example, grants for artists or grants for researchers), individual grant seekers can also find ‘general’ grants for financial assistance including grants to cover housing and food costs.

Grants for Individuals

Grants for individuals are a form of financial aid to help families navigate economic crisis. These grants are given by the U.S. government and many private organizations. They are typically offered to low-income families. Many types of grants are available including assistance for home repairs, utilities, education, small business, single parents, veterans, minorities, women, and more!

Below is a compilation of 12 COVID-19 grants that were created specifically for individuals.

  1. Individuals in the USA should apply for this $500 financial assistance grant. Funding is intended to help service workers and tipped workers, including employees of salons, restaurants, and car service or delivery apps, who have experienced income losses during the pandemic or are not able to work because of quarantines or other health concerns.

  2. Latinx, Black, Indigenous, First Nation, Asian, South Asian, North African, and Middle Eastern, have you experienced income loss due to the pandemic? Then you should apply for this $500 grant. Funding is intending to help restaurant and bar workers who have experienced income loss due to the pandemic.

  3. This grant of up to $250 is for USA veterans for financial assistance during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Funding is intended to provide relief to veterans with disabilities who have lost employment due to the health crisis. Eligible applicants include self-employed contractors and small business owners.

  4. Former members of the armed forces who are people of color, women, LGBTQ, or non-religious or religious minorities, this grant is for you. The grant offers financial support for veterans for financial during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

  5. Choreographers, composers, playwrights, directors, visual artists, and poets should apply for this grant of $2,000 to mitigate losses due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Funding is intended to provide support to artists who have experienced the cancellation or postponement of exhibitions or performances.

  6. This grant is for USA and Canada music industry workers for financial assistance during personal health or economic challenges, including those impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19). Eligible uses of funds include medical expenses, food, housing, and vital living expenses such as transportation, utilities, clothing, program services, and counseling.

  7. USA immigrants should apply for this $500 grants. This grant is for immigrants who have an urgent need during Coronavirus (COVID-19). Applicants must submit a pre-application prior to the full submission. Funding is intended to provide support for basic and urgent needs for immigrants who do not qualify for some of the government relief efforts.

  8. Did you know that if you are a USA individual of color in the Jewish community you can apply for a grant of up to $2,500? Funding is intended for individuals experiencing financial difficulties as a result of COVID-19. Eligible uses of funding include rent or mortgage payment, transportation to work or medical, utilities, groceries, medical bills, or burial expenses.

  9. Grants of up to $1000 to USA individuals who are illustrators, authors, and other publishing professionals to mitigate losses due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Eligible applicants have been impacted financially by the crisis due to income loss.

  10. Beauty professionals should apply for this grant of $500 to USA and Canadian individuals. Funding is intended to provide financial relief to beauty professionals who can not work due to the pandemic. Grant funds may be used for urgent needs such as bills and food.

  11. This grant is for USA eligible employees impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Funding is intended for financial assistance to full-time and part-time employees and families who have lost income due to the health crisis.

  12. What if you are a pet owner and you contract the Coronavirus, how will you care for your pet? Well, this grant is for you. Grants to USA individuals for assistance with pet care while the owner is medically impacted by (COVID-19). Funding is intended to cover up to 14 days of animal care at a local facility. The Funding Source will make payment to the kennel or veterinarian once care is complete.

Be safe.

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