COVID-19 Resources For Women in Technology

Navigating online resources for COVID-19-related assistance can be a daunting task. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of online resources anyone in the technology industry can access. The focus is on women and at-risk communities.

Resources for women and everyone else

  • Grants for women: Find grants for women entrepreneurs in the USA on Choose your state, then navigate to the ‘Women’ category. You will find several funding opportunities for women and minorities.
  • COVID-19 Resource Center for women and women-owned businesses: WEBENC works with national and regional partners, Corporate and Government Members, and other industry leaders, to provide up-to-date information, resources, and opportunities to address the uncertainties many business owners and corporations face, as well as to continue to fuel business opportunities for women entrepreneurs.
  • COVID-19 Resource Forum: This forum allows technology companies and professionals to share valuable information, resources, and best practices on how organizations of all sizes are coping with the impact COVID-19 on business operations.
  • COVID-19 Resources for the Disability Community: Access Living has created a list of resources to support the disability community in a multitude of ways, including creating and maintaining the below list of resources.
  • Ladies Who Launch COVID-19 Resource for women entrepreneurs: A list of best articles, resources, webinars, etc for women entrepreneurs.
COVID-19 resources

Featured Grant

Today I’d like to point your attention to 3 Grants that serve women and the under served.

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