3 Big Grants to Increase the COVID-19 Vaccination Effort

The COVID-19 pandemic feels like it’s stretching endlessly into 2021. Especially, the global impact continues to affect millions all around the world. However, more and more U.S. citizens are now vaccinated against this highly infectious virus. While in most states, senior citizens were first in line to receive the vaccine, now everyone 12 years of age and above are eligible to receive for a vaccine. Fortunately, federal and state governments released billions of dollars in pandemic aid to help people, businesses and organizations weather this difficult time. And now, here are three big grants aimed at the COVID-19 vaccination effort.

Vaccine reluctance is a real issue for many people. And people in underserved communities are getting vaccinated in lower proportions than in wealthier regions. But there are federal and private foundation grants that address this very problem. And one current grant awards up to $500,000 to nonprofits to provide information and all-important vaccine access to those very communities in need.

$2 Million to Bring COVID-19 Vaccination to Underserved Communities

This vaccine distribution grant is available to the United States and around the globe. Here’s what the granting foundation has to say about why they are offering this $2 million program, which is part of a larger $10 million effort by this foundation:

“If you’re working on vaccine distribution for underserved communities, we encourage you to apply for support. Your work could include providing accurate information on vaccines, supporting the complex supply chain to ensure vaccine availability, or supporting the distribution of vaccines at health clinics, community centers, and mobile health teams.” Twilio Impact Fund

The objectives of this grant are to support organizations that are building trust, providing information, and increasing access to the COVID-19 vaccination for underserved communities globally. And, this grant is especially aimed at Black, LatinX, Native American, low-income, and rural communities. Why? Well, when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination, these communities are currently underserved.

And, what’s great about this grant is that it’s an ongoing grant. This means if you don’t succeed in this current round of funding, another one will open soon. And this grant is looking for nonprofits that:

  • Plan to reach a large number of people in underserved communities with information on and/or access to COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Then provide demonstrable evidence of deep knowledge and trust within the communities they plan to reach.
  • And clearly identify how the support requested will lead to more equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Also align with Twilio.org’s mission to build communications that change lives.
  • And have organizational financial sustainability.

But the vaccination effort takes more than shots in the arm — the arms have to willingly be there to receive it. But there’s another grant to help educate and provide information in a large-scale way.

$140 Million Grant for Clinical Trials to Expand COVID-19 Vaccination Access

This CEPI grant is incredibly important — and incredibly large. For this program, funding should expand clinical trials and accumulate additional data on those who received a COVID-19 vaccination. And it is open to U.S., Canada, and international companies and organizations. However, to be eligible, the COVID-19 vaccine must have entered the clinical development phase.

This new funding opportunity for clinical trials aims to rapidly expand access to and confidence in COVID-19 vaccines by:

  1. Generating clinical evidence in special / sub-populations / age groups,

2. Addressing clinical development gaps.

In addition, the foundation encourages clinical trials to expand access and capacity in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Plus, the Vaccination Resource Hub Grant

This goal of this grant is to reduce racial inequities in COVID-19 vaccinations. And towards this, the CDC Foundation will award a U.S.-based nonprofit or business to develop, implement, and oversee a website related to mitigating racial inequities and vaccinations. 

The grant asks that applicants address the following four components:

  1. Platform design and management.
  2. Materials evaluation and management.
  3. Material dissemination.
  4. Training and program management.

The CDC Foundation is looking especially to:

  • The increased availability of community or population-specific messages
  • And an increased capacity among community-based organizations to develop and implement culturally competent health messages and activities . These should increase vaccine acceptance among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

And finally, the grant-funding foundation says this on what it intends the award to be used for:

To support the design, development, testing, launch, and management of an informational website for sharing educational materials, best practices, lessons learned, and other resources to support collaborative efforts to reduce racial disparities in adult immunization.

But don’t wait on applying for this grant! The deadline is May 17.

GrantWatch Lists 100s of COVID-19 Grants

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