Do You Know the 4 Critical Components of Grant Writing?

Grant writing can consist of many components. However, four common sections should always be incorporated into your grant proposal. These four components are your:

  1. Needs Statement;
  2. Collaboration;
  3. Outcomes;
  4. and Budget.

But, what do these terms mean and how can you be sure you are using them effectively in your grant proposal? We have included a breakdown of the most crucial details that grant funders look for in these four sections.

1. Needs Statement:
  • Use statistics that make sense.
  • Use local and up-to-date statistics.
  • Intertwine stories/testimonials if available.
  • Address every area that the funder requests.
  • Tell how the need is going unmet.
  • And, make the need critical.
2. Collaboration:
  • Provide details of who you collaborate with.
  • Be as descriptive as possible about the specific relationship.
  • Describe the agreements you have.
  • Describe referral sources.
  • Explain how your agency is unique in its contributions to the collaborations.
3. Outcomes:
  • Have SMART outcomes (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, Timely).
  • Be certain your team believes they can achieve the outcomes you have set.
  • Be logical in your description.
  • Use numbers and percentages.
  • Lastly, be certain the outcomes are a good match with the funder’s goals.
4. Budget:
  • Follow directions carefully.
  • Be sure the budget shows a need for the grant.
  • Ensure the budget is balanced.
  • Show in-kind in your budget (if you are able to).
  • Ensure you follow the program description.
  • Additionally, make sure all costs are allowable.

In conclusion, remember that a well-written proposal is clearly written and follows the funding source’s directions to the letter. Furthermore, it should show that you want to help the funder achieve their goals. Grant writing doesn’t need to be difficult, but, it can be time-consuming. But, if you feel you need to hire a professional, you can reach out to reputable grant writing agencies.

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