Employment Agency in Kansas Gets Workforce Development Grant

The U.S Department of Labor has awarded a $9.9 million workforce development grant to The Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas. These funds will train and upskill workers experiencing industry layoffs.

One key aspect of ensuring that we keep up with our changing economy is properly training workers. There are some industries with more openings than workers. Workforce development is a major part of this. Of course, it is in the public’s best interest to ensure that this training is available. This is why there are grant programs for this purpose. Some grants are available to both non and for-profit organizations focused on these types of initiatives. It’s important to note that this is especially important due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs, and these initiatives could lead to major opportunities.

Helping The Workforce To Recover From Industry Layoffs

In many areas of the country, workers depend on certain industries for employment. Sometimes a massive company operates in that area and employs thousands of workers. In South Central Kansas, the Boeing layoffs caused huge disruption to employment. This workforce development program will equip workers with skills for new industries. This is all part of Kansas’s Framework for Growth. This plan brings together all stakeholders, including local and state government and business, to develop strategies that drive economic growth.

Lieutenant Governor and Commerce Secretary David Toland, spoke on this grant award, saying:

These funds are headed to the perfect place to maximize workforce development impact for South Central Kansas. I’m pleased that the Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas is putting this grant funding toward creating more opportunities for Kansans to enter these in-demand fields, while further strengthening vital partnerships with local businesses and industries. This exciting project will be a major asset to the region, and to our state.”

Two critical industries in South Central Kansas are Information Technology and Advanced Manufacturing. These two industries are responsible for hundreds if not thousands of jobs. These two industries are experiencing major growth due to new technologies. This is why a grant like this is so key. The Framework for Growth recognizes the necessity of upskilling workers to ensure the continuation of economic progress.

Workplace development programs are becoming essential to equipping displaced workers with necessary skills. Getting funding for these programs is key. There are grants for workforce development listed on GrantWatch, like this Digital Literacy and Workforce Development Grant for Pennsylvania nonprofit.

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