Enjoy National Nutrition Month with These Five Grants!

March is National Nutrition Month, a month to focus on the importance of health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is integral to one’s quality of life. This means in terms of nutrition and how one eats. However, it also means actively moving your body, getting a good night’s sleep, and taking care of one’s mental well-being.

GrantWatch has a category specifically for nutrition grants. It also has a category for health and medical grants, and one for mental health grants.

Author’s note: I recently started a health journey, and it’s honestly one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Eating healthy, exercising, and maintaining overall good health has changed everything about my life, including the quality of my work. If you made a New Years’ resolution to get healthy or start a routine in January, re-commit to it this March. You’ll never regret choosing your health.

Some Fun Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

  1. Make a delicious healthy meal, and share it with loved ones. One of the best ways to celebrate a holiday around health? Celebrating with the people you love and admire and have fun with it! Organize a dinner party, or a lunch, and share healthy, delicious recipes, that will make everyone’s day. Consider checking with the people you invite to ensure that you can accommodate any allergies or food restrictions.
  2. Start a fun exercise routine: Nutrition may be about food, but exercise is an intergral part of a healthy life. Commit to working out in a gym a few times a week, join a Zumba class or, find some other fun way to move your body. Getting healthy can be so exciting and fun, so make sure you enjoy whatever you choose to do. And you don’t have to do this alone! Get a group together to walk, run, or take classes.
  3. Get Inspired: If you’re trying to figure out where you should even start on your journey to better health, there’s a fun way to start. Go on Pinterest, or Instagram and search for all kinds of health related topics. You can find recipes, workout routines, and even inspirational qoutes to get you in the mood to make changes. And you can make your own inspirational Pintrest board so you can inspire others.

Five Nutrition-Related Grants for National Nutrition Month

  1. Firstly, there are grants to U.S., Canada, and International nonprofits, medical and educational institutions, and faith-based and community organizations for projects related to nutrition. Priority will go to training, educational programs, and research projects that stress the connection between health and diet.
  2. Grants to U.S. nonprofits for programs to encourage nutritious eating and reduce food insecurity. The goal of the grant program is to improve availability and access to healthier food and to build people’s confidence to select, prepare, and serve healthier food.
  3. There are also grants to U.S. nonprofits and schools in eligible locations to address hunger and improve nutrition. Funding is to eliminate childhood hunger and to increase access to healthy meals.
  4. Opportunity for U.S. nonprofits and faith-based organizations to receive donated food and other essential items to distribute within the community. Applicants must have secure storage and distribution areas to ensure the integrity of donated items.
  5. Finally, there are grants to U.S. nonprofits for community-based programs related to food and nutrition. Priority is given to organizations with projects that impact and occur in or near communities where the funding source has a business presence.

GrantNews Notes

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