GrantNews is Looking for Your Content

GrantNews is the premier blog for nonprofit and business leaders. Many nonprofits and small businesses have showcased themselves on our site. This is why your nonprofit or small business should, too. It’s FREE.

Looking for Content

GrantNews is looking for fresh content from nonprofits and small businesses which seek to make the world a better place. GrantNews simplifies the grant application process with information on available grants, grants for minorities and women, grant writing, grant writers, crowdfunding, and grant writing education.

Model Organizations

GrantNews is the premier newspaper for nonprofit and business leaders. The newspaper looks for articles that describe exemplary community-based nonprofits and small businesses, whose programs and strategies can be modeled in other regions and communities. We also publish How To articles that assist these organizations in their endeavors.

What is GrantNews’ Goal?

Our main goal is to advance the charitable efforts of nonprofits by showcasing their trials, tribulations, and successes and to provide recognition for small businesses and nonprofits. These organizations can share their stories and provide insight to other communities.

Who Can Write?

We accept writers from all over the world: nonprofits, philanthropists, government agencies, municipalities, foundations, grant recipients, educators, individual writers, funders, and nonprofits and small business industry leaders.

Why Does GrantNews Do This?

For love and respect of the community work of small businesses and nonprofits, CEO and founder of GrantWatch, Libby Hikind, created GrantNews. According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, nonprofits alone accounted for 9.2 percent of all wages and salaries paid in the United States in 2010. GrantNews is the voice of, and for the small business and nonprofit community.

How Do I Submit?

Sign up as a writer at GrantNews and submit a pitch to the editor. Once approved (24 hours), begin writing!

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