Raise Awareness for Your Nonprofit or Small Business

GrantNews.press is a free resource to help you promote your nonprofit or small business. We look for model organizations to feature in our newspaper.  GrantNews.press has raised awareness for the following organizations:

  • Bottomless Closet of New York City
  • Hattiesburg Arts Council of Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • New Creation Home Ministries of East Palo Alto, California
  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation of Mountain View, California
  • The Drucker Institute of Claremont, California
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of Seattle, Washington
  • Palm Beach Community Foundation of West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Navah Organization of Valley Cottage, New York
  • WE.org of Ontario, Canada
  • Good Earth Farm, Inc of Loxahatchee, Florida
  • Jazz for Peace of New York, New York
  • Guiding Light of Lima, Ohio
  • World of Children Award of Dublin, California
  • Joe Gross Marketing, Inc of Brooklyn, New York
  • Afro-Canadian Relief International of Ontario, Canada
  • The Free Fitness Foundation of Pomona, California

Write an Article of Your Own

To write an article yourself, sign up as a writer here. Write about your organization’s strengths. Tell us about pitfalls others should avoid and successes to be applauded. Provide the ingredients needed to model your program in another state or county. Include information about how you were initially funded, whether or not you’ve been funded by grants, and what advances the funding provided. What advice would you give to a similar organization? If you need help writing the article, please contact our office at (561)249-4129.

Your article snip it will be published on GrantNews.press and the full article will be published on one of our websites and distributed via email to the nonprofit community. We will also share your article on our social media platforms: Google+, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

So, if you’re interested, please sign up as a writer and pitch your article. We will respond to you within the next business day with our comments or to help you write, should you need it.

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