4 Ways To Celebrate The Fourth of July in 2020

How will families across the nation celebrate the Fourth of July in 2020? What have you planned to make it upbeat and celebratory? Here’s a challenge for you, turn off the news and make plans with your family for the weekend. You can make it a stay-at-home upbeat holiday.

If you’re a resident of Iowa, Wisconsin, Montana, or South Dakota, your Fourth of July celebrations may appear normal compared to the rest of the country. That’s because out of 50 American states, only these four currently, do not have any mask requirements in place for the COVID-19 pandemic. For the rest of Americans, masks are mandated.  They are to be worn everywhere in public, as new daily coronavirus deaths continue to surge.

This year, many Fourth of July gatherings and community events have been canceled. From traditional fireworks displays to festivity parades, Americans have been urged to stay home with their families.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate July 4th, 2020, while staying safe:

Virtual Parties

The year 2020 sheds new light on the importance of staying connected to focus on our mental health.  In lieu of the conventional activities that usually take place during this federal holiday, ‘Patriotic Virtual Parties’ are becoming the now popular option.

Virtual Tours

While life has been challenging during quarantine measures, social media has thrived, and institutions are adapting to the times. Some museums are now exhibiting virtual visits, and National Parks are offering interactive virtual tours, allowing immersive experiences and modernizing the ways technology can be facilitated.


Families are spending more time in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes, and creating more home-cooked meals. While Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest may not happen this year, families can still have fun at home with their own BBQ parties and culinary celebrations.


Many broadcasters will be televising programs in honor of the Fourth of July celebrations, including airing historic movies, educational documentaries, and live-fireworks streaming. Although if you are lucky enough to have a backyard and a projector, you can set up your own private cinema outside under the stars.

This Fourth of July the social distancing measures may separate us, but let’s not let it divide the people of this great nation. No matter what hardships 2020 has brought, the resilience and unity of the American people remain strong. Stay safe and be happy this Fourth of July weekend!

Here’s a recipe from our CEO, Libby

• Chicken
• Duck Sauce or Ketchup (choose one, not both)

• BBQ Grill
• Large Bowl

1. Remove all skin (optional)
2. Place chicken in a glass or ceramic pan or bowl
3. Cover chicken with the sauce and allow to marinate for at least 20 minutes
4. Place the chicken on a hot BBQ. When brown, turn it over and repeat this step until chicken is cooked thoroughly.

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