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Nutrition Grants, Food Assistance Grants: 

Grants for food pantries, food assistance programs, and school and community nutrition and exercise programs.   191 Nutrition Grants.

Grants to Austin, Texas Nonprofits for Culture, Environment, Education, and Wellness Programs

Deadline: 02/16/17
LOI Date: 12/14/16

Grants to Texas nonprofits for highly effective programs in the areas of education, environment, culture, families and health and wellness that benefit residents of Bastrop, Hays, Travis, and Williamson Counties. The projects must be specific, with ... GrantWatch ID#: 163292

Grants to USA Nonprofits and Agencies to Encourage Low-Income Individuals to Buy Fruits and Vegetables

Deadline: 12/12/16

Large grants to USA nonprofit organizations and government agencies for projects and programs that encourage low-income individuals and families to buy more fruits and vegetables. A webinar will be held on November 3. Funding is ultimately intende... GrantWatch ID#: 163668

Grants to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Nonprofits to Address the Root Cause of Poverty

Deadline: 12/16/16

Grants ranging from $1,000 - $25,000 to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania nonprofit organizations for creative initiatives to assist people living in poverty. Funding is intended for projects that address the root cause of poverty and support the ph... GrantWatch ID#: 176807

Awards to Alabama Schools, School Districts, and IHEs for Excellence in Environmental Sustainability

Deadline: 12/23/16

Awards to Alabama schools, school districts, and IHEs to recognize outstanding efforts in environmental sustainability. Upcoming conferences are scheduled November 15 and December 6. Nominees will be evaluated on their accomplishments within the fol... GrantWatch ID#: 163747

Grants to San Diego County, California Nonprofits for Children's Development in Chula Vista

Deadline: 01/09/17

Grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 to San Diego County, California nonprofit organizations, agencies, and schools for programs benefitting the children and youth of Chula Vista. November 11 is the deadline to RSVP for a November 16 application wo... GrantWatch ID#: 177086

Grants to Franklin County, Ohio Nonprofits to Enhance Low- and Moderate-Income Communities

Deadline: 01/25/17

Grants of up to $10,000 to Franklin County, Ohio nonprofit neighborhood organizations for local, resident-driven community improvement projects in low-and-moderate-income areas. Information sessions are scheduled for November 16 and 17. Projects sho... GrantWatch ID#: 176986

Grants to New York Conservation Districts to Improve Agricultural Resilience to Climate Change

Deadline: 12/12/16

Grants to New York soil and water conservation districts for projects that address the relationship between agriculture and climate change, and improve agricultural resiliency to future climate conditions. Questions are due by November 30. Strong pr... GrantWatch ID#: 176488

Grants to North Carolina Farmers and Groups to Expand Products, Services, and Markets

Deadline: 01/05/17

Grants of up to $10,000 to North Carolina individual farmers and agricultural collaboratives to expand sources of income through agricultural businesses. Proposals will be considered for innovative, replicable on-farm enterprises. The Fund supp... GrantWatch ID#: 164669

Grants to Greenville County, South Carolina Nonprofits and Agencies for Community Benefit

Deadline: 01/11/17

Grants starting at $40,000 to Greenville County, South Carolina nonprofit organizations and agencies for community benefit programs. Information sessions will take place on November 30, 2016. Funding is intended for the focus areas of arts and cultu... GrantWatch ID#: 177176

Grants to California Nonprofits for Health, Human Services, and Arts and Culture Programs in Sonoma County

Deadline: 01/17/17

Grants ranging between $5,000 and $10,000 to California nonprofits for programs benefiting the community of Sonoma County. Grant workshops will take place December 5 and December 9. Priority will be given to programs in the areas of health, human se... GrantWatch ID#: 177522

Grants to Ohio Nonprofits and Agencies for Health Programs in Clark and Champaign Counties

Deadline: 02/10/17

Grants to Ohio nonprofit organizations, municipalities, agencies, and schools for projects and services focused on the health and wellbeing of residents of Clark and Champaign Counties. First-time applicants should contact program staff before submi... GrantWatch ID#: 176934

Grants to Indianapolis, Indiana Nonprofits for Education, Environment, Health, Arts and Culture, and Family

Deadline: 03/10/17
LOI Date: 01/13/17

Grants to Indianapolis, Indiana nonprofits and charities for the environment, education, arts and culture, family, and health and wellness programming. Applicants must select one area of focus for their application. A Letter of Inquiry must be submi... GrantWatch ID#: 177299

Grants to Oklahoma Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies to Enhance Health, Wellness, and Nutrition

Deadline: 01/16/17

Grants to Oklahoma nonprofits, schools, agencies, and community groups for programs that will enhance the health and wellness of local residents. An informational meeting will take place December 8, 2016. Applicants must request an invitation to app... GrantWatch ID#: 177209

Grants to USA, Canada, and Mexico Individuals to Advance Knowledge of Organic Agriculture

Deadline: 12/10/16

Grants of up to $15,000 to USA, Canada, and Mexico individuals to conduct research related to organic agriculture and food systems. Proposals are encouraged from ranchers, farmers, researchers, graduate students, and veterans. All projects must invo... GrantWatch ID#: 177459

Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States for Education, Health, and the Environment

Deadline: 12/12/16

Grants to USA nonprofits in multiple states for health, education, and the environment. Funding is intended to provide community support and create programs for underserved populations. Funding areas for this grant: Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, Menomon... GrantWatch ID#: 176826

Grants to New York City Preschools to Promote Nutrition and Physical Activity

Deadline: 12/12/16

Grants of $2,500 to New York City preschools and early childhood education centers to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles. Preference will be given to programs that serve low-income families. Projects will involve installations that pro... GrantWatch ID#: 177089

Grants to New York City K-12 Schools to Promote Nutrition and Physical Activity

Deadline: 12/12/16

Grants of $4,000 to New York City K-12 public schools to promote healthy lifestyles for children and youth in grades K-12. Funding may be used to install infrastructure that will promote good nutrition and physical activity. Examples of possible pro... GrantWatch ID#: 177090

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Organizations, and Agencies for Disseminating Research on Rural Health Care

Deadline: 12/14/16

Grants to USA nonprofits, agencies, and organizations for disseminating and marketing research on rural health services. Funding is intended to promote awareness of key policy issues regarding rural communities by making this research accessible to... GrantWatch ID#: 176130

Grants to Mississippi School Districts to Purchase Kitchen Equipment to Improve Cafeteria Food

Deadline: 12/14/16

Grants ranging from $1,500 to $19,116 to Mississippi school districts to purchase new kitchen equipment in order to provide healthier food in school cafeterias. Preference will be given to schools that have a large number of students eligible for fr... GrantWatch ID#: 177285

Grants to Spencer County, Indiana Nonprofits and Agencies for Arts, Education, Health, and Community

Deadline: 12/15/16

Grants to Spencer County, Indiana nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and schools for a broad range of charitable activities that benefit local communities. Applicants may be required to schedule a meeting with program staff prior to apply... GrantWatch ID#: 176043

Awards to USA Nonprofits, Schools, and Youth Programs for Gardening Activities for Children and Youth

Deadline: 12/15/16

Awards ranging in value between $500 to $750 to USA nonprofits, schools, and youth programs for gardening activities for children and youth. These awards are designed to support school and youth programs that educate about gardening and enhance the... GrantWatch ID#: 177181

Grants to Dallas Area, Texas Nonprofits for Human Services, Education and Health Programs

Deadline: 12/15/16

Grants to Dallas area, Texas nonprofits for programs in the areas of natural resources and the environment, substance abuse, civic projects, handicapped and disabled people, medicine and health care, education and social services. Grants must be for... GrantWatch ID#: 176312

Grants to Wisconsin Nonprofits to Assist Disadvantaged Groups in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties

Deadline: 12/15/16

Grants to Wisconsin nonprofit organizations to assist substantially disadvantaged populations in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties. Priority will be given to programs that address mental health, physical disabilities, and intellectual disabilities. Se... GrantWatch ID#: 176485

Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States to Improve the Health and Well-Being of Residents

Deadline: 01/31/17
LOI Date: 12/15/16

Grants to Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas nonprofits for programs and projects that improve the health and well-being of residents in the funding source's service area. Letters of Intent will be accepted from December 1 through D... GrantWatch ID#: 176554

Grants to North Carolina and South Carolina Nonprofits for Healthcare Improvement and Disease Prevention

Deadline: 12/15/16

Grants to North Carolina and South Carolina nonprofit hospitals and health organizations to improve health care and health outcomes. Program areas include access to care, disease prevention, and health care quality and safety. The Foundation focuses... GrantWatch ID#: 176593

Grants to Vermont Schools to Purchase Dairy Coolers to Enhance Meal Programs

Deadline: 12/15/16

Grants of up to $1,000 to Vermont schools to help cover the cost of a new milk cooler. Funds will be issued on a reimbursement basis for purchases take place during the upcoming calendar year. Applicants must demonstrate how the milk cooler will pro... GrantWatch ID#: 177648

Grants to Southern California Nonprofits for Education, Health, and Sports Programs for Youth

Deadline: 12/15/16

Grants typically ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 to Southern California nonprofits for youth programs and projects that closely align with the funding source's priority areas of education, health and wellness, and sports. Proposed activities must ta... GrantWatch ID#: 176745

Grants to Oregon Nonprofits and Agencies for Arts, Education, Health, and Environment

Deadline: 01/13/17
LOI Date: 12/15/16
Conference Date: 01/11/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to Northwest Oregon nonprofit organizations and government agencies to benefit local communities in a broad range of areas. LOIs are due December 15. Applicants may attend an optional grant writing workshop on January 11. Prog... GrantWatch ID#: 177338

Grants to Alaska Nonprofits and Individuals to Protect the Environment and Strengthen Native Communities

Deadline: 03/31/17
LOI Date: 12/15/16

Grants of up to $20,000 to Alaska nonprofit organizations, Tribes, and individuals for environmental projects that strengthen Native communities. LOIs are due by December 15. Priorities include climate change, food security, energy, holistic wellnes... GrantWatch ID#: 176561


Grants to Wyoming County, New York Nonprofits to Improve Healthcare Access and Services

Deadline: 12/15/16

Grants to Wyoming County, New York nonprofit organizations to meet health needs within the local area. Eligible types of requests include direct health services, improving access to health services, and enhancing health-related infrastructure. Appli... GrantWatch ID#: 176602


Grants to Pennsylvania Nonprofits in Eligible Counties for Health Care Access and to Promote Healthy Living

Deadline: 03/01/17
LOI Date: 12/15/16

Grants starting at $25,000 to Pennsylvania nonprofits to promote healthy lifestyles and increase access to quality health care for parts of Cumberland, Perry, Adams, and Franklin Counties. Letters of Intent (LOIs) must be submitted by December 15 fo... GrantWatch ID#: 157645

Grants to Nebraska Nonprofits for Health, Human Services, Education, and Inclusion

Deadline: 12/18/16

Grants of up to $5,000 to Nebraska nonprofit organizations for a broad range of programs and projects that benefit state residents. Grantmaking categories include human services, health and wellness, education, and diversity and inclusion. This fund... GrantWatch ID#: 176753

Grants to Nebraska Nonprofits for Health and Wellness, Education, and Human Services

Deadline: 12/18/16

Grants to Nebraska nonprofits for human services, health and wellness, and education programming, with a particular emphasis on health and wellness projects. Funding is intended to support programs, general operating support, and long-term partner... GrantWatch ID#: 177263

Grants to Grand Island Area, Nebraska Nonprofits to Promote Health, Education, and Economic Stability

Deadline: 12/19/16

Grants to Grand Island Metropolitan Area, Nebraska nonprofit organizations for creative pilot initiatives that address education, health, and income. This program is intended to encourage organizations in Hall, Hamilton, Howard, and Merrick Counties... GrantWatch ID#: 165440

Grants to USA Nonprofits and Schools to Meet Basic and Critical Human Needs

Deadline: 12/19/16

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations and schools to meet basic human needs and provide emergency assistance in states and communities where the funding source has a business presence. Eligible states include Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentu... GrantWatch ID#: 177084

Grants to Eden Prairie, Minnesota Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies for Education, Arts, Recreation, and Social ...

Deadline: 12/23/16

Grants to Eden Prairie, Minnesota nonprofits, schools, and government agencies for programs focusing on the areas of education, arts and culture, recreation and the environment, youth development, and social services. An inquiry to the Foundation is... GrantWatch ID#: 176041


Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States for Nutrition, Environment, and Community Benefit

Deadline: 12/23/16

Grants to Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas nonprofit organizations to benefit communities within the funding source’s service area. Program areas include nutrition and agriculture, water resources and habitat conservat... GrantWatch ID#: 176800


In-Kind Grants to Austin, Texas Nonprofits for Short-Term Volunteer Assistance with Community Events

Deadline: 12/30/16

In-kind grants to Austin, Texas nonprofit organizations for short-term community-based events, such as fundraisers and charitable drives, that require volunteer labor to implement. Examples of events that volunteers can help with include community p... GrantWatch ID#: 176768

Grants to Nova Scotia Food Production Businesses and Organizations to Improve Supply Chain Transparency

Deadline: 12/31/16

Grants of up to $50,000 to Nova Scotia agriculture and aquaculture businesses, industry associations, and commodity groups to implement systems and technology to improve product traceability. Projects may involve the introduction of enhancement of t... GrantWatch ID#: 174377

Grants to Kentucky Restaurants, Schools, and IHEs to Reimburse Food Produced In-State

Deadline: 12/31/16

Grants of up to $12,000 to Kentucky restaurants and school or university dining services to reimburse the purchase of qualifying Kentucky-grown agricultural or food products. All reimbursed products must have been purchased from a Kentucky-based far... GrantWatch ID#: 176326

Grants to Northwest Florida Nonprofits for Health-Related Programs and Services

Deadline: 12/31/16

Grants to Northwest Florida nonprofit organizations for programs and projects that improve the health of community residents, increase access to quality health care, and provide health-related educational services for those living in Okaloosa, Santa... GrantWatch ID#: 176389

Grants to Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana Nonprofits for Community and Economic Development

Deadline: 02/15/17
LOI Date: 12/31/16

Grants averaging $30,000 to Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana nonprofit organizations for specific community benefit projects or programs. A letter of intent is due by December 31, 2016. Funding is intended for initiatives in the focus areas of culture, e... GrantWatch ID#: 176942


Grants to Connecticut Nonprofits and Agencies for Children, Housing, and Human Services

Deadline: 12/31/16

Grants typically ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 to Connecticut nonprofits and government agencies for initiatives to support low- and moderate-income residents. Funding priorities include economic development for children and families, affordable hou... GrantWatch ID#: 176759


Grants to Colorado and Arizona Nonprofits for Nutrition and Shelter Programs for Children and Youth

Deadline: 12/31/16

Grants of up to $5,000 to Colorado and Arizona nonprofits for programs benefiting eligible communities in the areas of children and family services, food banks and distribution, youth development, and crisis services. Priority is given to programs t... GrantWatch ID#: 176503


Grants to Georgia Nonprofits and Agencies for Health Services Education, the Homeless, and Medically Uninsured

Deadline: 12/31/16

Grants ranging between $500 and $15,000 to Georgia nonprofits or public agencies for programs that will benefit the general health and well-being of residents in eligible communities. Funding will be awarded to programs that support the areas of hea... GrantWatch ID#: 176568


Grants to Western Maine Nonprofits to Improve Health and Healthcare Accessibility

Deadline: 12/31/16

Grants to Western Maine nonprofit organizations to improve the accessibility and affordability of health services. Funding may be requested for projects, programs, services, capital contributions, and matching pledge contributions. The Foundation ma... GrantWatch ID#: 176425


Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States for Agricultural Education, Nutrition, and Disaster Relief

Deadline: 12/31/16

Grants of up to $10,000 to Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming nonprofit organizations for programs in the areas of agricultural education and workforce development, nutrition, and essential services and disaster relief. Two options of funding... GrantWatch ID#: 176476


Grants to Massachusetts Nonprofits for Housing, Human Services, and Community Development

Deadline: 12/31/16

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to Massachusetts nonprofit organizations activities in the areas of human services, affordable housing, and community development. Applications must be for specific programs or projects and serve the following co... GrantWatch ID#: 176478


Grants to Yamhill County, Oregon Nonprofits for Special Projects and Community Benefit Initiatives

Deadline: 12/31/16

Grants generally ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to Yamhill County, Oregon nonprofit organizations for projects, programs, and services that benefit residents. Funding is specifically intended for special projects and other non-operational needs that... GrantWatch ID#: 176669


Grants to South Central Ohio Nonprofits, Schools, and Individuals for Community Benefit and Basic Needs

Deadline: 12/31/16

Grants of up to $10,000 to South Central Ohio nonprofit organizations, civic groups, schools, fire departments, food pantries, individuals, and families for charitable activities and basic human needs within the funding source’s service area. Fund... GrantWatch ID#: 176773

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