How Grants for Climate Change Are Making a Difference

The conversation around climate change is constant. There is consensus that we as a society are causing irreparable damage to the environment. It is vital that we employ Environmental Stewardship to limit any further damage. This is why grants to fund key climate change projects are critical. So today we are going to talk about a few projects where this kind of funding has helped. We are also going to share 10 incredibly relevant grants that will help in our efforts to save the environment. 

Grant funding to help protect the environment and combat climate change

First, it is important to mention that as much as one-third of many state budgets come from federal grants. For states with critical environmental infrastructure, like Florida, grants are helping to fund many initial restoration projects. One of these important projects is the restoration of Florida’s Everglades, which has received $3.3 billion in state funding over the past four years. The federal government announced in February additional investment through infrastructure funding of $1.2 billion in federal grants. 

Another project where grant funding has been critical is a project underway by physics professor Sue Carter out of the University of California, Santa Cruz. The project aims to design net-zero water residences for up to four people. With water shortages being a serious problem in California, this could have a major impact on protecting the environment and lowering overall water usage. This project was funded through a seed grant offered through the university. 

10 Grants to Help Combat Climate Change 

  1. Grants are available to government agencies and tribes to reduce carbon emissions and create jobs in the clean energy sector. 
  2. There are also grants available to nonprofits for projects and programs to address environmental concerns and advance sustainability
  3. Funding of up to $50,000 is available to nonprofits and IHEs for activities that address the adverse effects of climate change on health. 
  4. Grants are also available to nonprofits in eligible states for environmental projects and programs. 
  5. Additionally, grants of up to $8,000 are available to journalists to report on climate change.
  6. There are grants available to nonprofits working in food systems, health equity and environmental stewardship for general operations. 
  7. Opportunities exist for startups to participate in a program to test or deploy prototypes to address climate change issues in Alaska.
  8. In addition, grants are available to scientists, engineers, and educators for scientific projects related to climate change.
  9. Finally, grants of up to $5,000 are available to nonprofits for initiatives to strengthen Indigenous communities in the face of changing climate conditions.

Grant News Notes

Are you looking for more grants like the ones on this list? GrantWatch features an entire category of grants specifically for projects related to climate change. These grants can help fund critical projects related to environmental issues, stewardship and endangered species of animals and plants. 

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