Is Your Organization Grant-Ready?

Before you even begin to search for grants, you’ll need to make sure your organization is grant-ready. So what does ‘grant-ready’ mean? Simply having an idea that you want to fund does not mean that you are ready to apply for grants. In fact, you should check off the list below before you even consider searching for grant funding opportunities.

Are you grant-ready? You should already have the following:
  1. A live website (not a parked domain)
  2. DUNS number 
  3. Employer/Tax Identification Number (EIN)
  4. 501(c)3 status letter and start date for nonprofit status
  5. Bylaws and other governing documents 
  6. Diverse Board of Directors
  7. The annual budget for the organization
  8. Business plan for the organization
  9. Organization mission and goals, population served
  10. Organizational history & measured outcomes in impact on your community
  11. The organizational chart and description of management structure, size of staff, number of volunteers
  12. Tax and financial data (for example, the most recent annual and quarterly financial/audit statements)
The Next Step

Are you missing something from this list? Start working on the things you need to do to become a grant-ready organization. It may require some time and effort, but this is usually similar to what the grant funders will also require from you.

Do you have all the items listed above? If so, congratulations! You can consider your organization to be grant-ready and move forward to the next step of searching for grants. Being grant-ready is one thing, but knowing if you’re eligible for grants is another. It is important to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria to avoid disappointment.

When it comes to writing grants, there are 20 crucial tips when writing your grant application. One of the most important tips to remember is that grant reviewers look for proof rather than good intentions.

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