Let’s Talk About Movember and Men’s Health

Have you heard about Movember or No-Shave November? Both are annual events that involve the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate and testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide among men. While both organizations’ goal is to grow awareness by halting shaving in the month of November, they are not one and the same, despite the common interchange of names

While The Movember NPO focuses on mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer, the No-Shave November NPO focuses solely on cancer because Matthew Hill, the husband, and father of the family that founded No-Shave November, died from colon cancer in 2007. Both Movember and No-Shave November offer a way to spark conversation about the critical health issues that affect men.  

Two best friends doing mustaches with their hairs

How to participate in Movember or No-Shave November

Movember: If you’d like to be counted among the millions around the world that grow their mustaches for a good cause, you need to register. Then, you may participate by doing one of the following: –

  1. Grow your mustache and use it as a conversation starter to discuss men’s health issues.

  2. Do the “Move for Movember” challenge during which you’ll commit to walking or running 60 miles over the course of the month. The number 60 represents the 60 men’s lives lost to suicide every hour across the world

  3. You can host a “Mo-Ment,” or an event to raise awareness about men’s health.

To participate in No-Shave November you will need to create an account or login if you participated in previous years. Once you have registered, stop shaving! No-Shave November encourages participants to donate the money they’d normally spend on grooming supplies, like razor blades and shaving cream, to one of the organization’s funded programs.

No-shave November is open to all genders. So, even if you do not have a mustache, you can join in on the event. Go ahead, grow out your leg, and armpit hair. Let it all hang out – get the conversation started.

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