Six Grants to Combat Food Insecurity in Honor of World Food Day

Every year, more than 150 countries come together to bring awareness to food insecurity, hunger, and poverty on World Food Day. The international holiday, which falls on Oct. 16, reminds people that while some have the resources they need, many others are still without sufficient food and nutrients.

GrantWatch has always been committed to the challenge of food insecurity and has many available grants focused on fighting this issue under both the farming/ agriculture and nutrition categories.

Unfortunately, in the news, all too frequently are restaurants, grocery stores, and other places reporting missing items. This has many people, including governments, concerned about potential food shortages. Because of a decreased supply (and inflation issues), many families have also seen food prices rise. This can be tough as so many are struggling to recover from the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Feeding America, more than 38 million people faced hunger in 2020. This number includes more than 12 million children. And this is just in the United States alone. Action Against Hunger notes that as many as 811 million people go hungry across the world.

Currently, enough food has been produced to feed the global population. It is just a matter of getting that food to the people who need it and finding better solutions to prevent food waste. In order to take these steps forward, it is crucial to fund organizations that can assist through programming or distribution. GrantWatch has a number of grants focused on helping fight hunger in its database. Below, are six of these grants that are currently available.

Grants to Help with Potential Food Shortages

  1. Grants of up to $20,000 to U.S. and territories food processors, farmers, producers, and distributors for business costs under Coronavirus (COVID-19). Funding is for pandemic-related costs such as market pivots, new workplace safety measures, health services for workers, and more.
  2. Funding is available of up to $3,000 to U.S. K-12 schools to supply meals for students during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Funding is to support the provision of equipment used in food preparation, sanitation and cleaning, transport and serving of food items, and cold storage of perishable food items. Funds may also go to stipends for staff or for other uses that assist in continuing school meals.
  3. Grants are also available to U.S. nonprofit organizations for programs to encourage nutritious eating and reduce food insecurity. Applicants must submit an LOI prior to the full proposal. Focus areas include nutrition, food safety. and hunger.
  4. There are grants to U.S. nonprofit organizations for community-based programs related to food and nutrition. Focus areas include food access, nutrition education, cooking skills, healthy and active lifestyles, and select urban agricultural programs that have a clear community focus and develop entrepreneurial skills to help individuals participate in the farm-to-fork economy.
  5. In addition, grants are available to British Columbia nonprofit organizations, government agencies, First Nations, and social enterprises in eligible locations for programs that address food insecurity. This includes creating or enhancing communal growing/processing spaces, knowledge-sharing opportunities, and diverting food that would otherwise be wasted.
  6. Finally, there are grants of up to $1,000 to U.S., Canada, and international nonprofit organizations and schools for food garden projects. Eligible projects include, but are not limited to, senior gardens, school gardens, community gardens, and many others.

GrantNews Notes

Visit GrantWatch’s testimonial page to watch a video about Kitchen on the Street, a nonprofit that provides nutrition assistance to food-insecure kids in Arizona. This organization recently received a grant of $10,000 through GrantWatch to fund their cause. Check out these grants above, and maybe this could be your nonprofit or organization in the future.

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