Library Shelfie Day Is Here! Dust off Your Favorites and Join In!

Library Shelfie Day is here, so dust off your favorite books and join in! While you may not get to read ALL the books today, Shelfie Day is a chance to make a new beginning. Seize the day and accept the Shelfie challenge. Pose with your kids in front of your favorite bookcase and snap that shelfie. This gesture will go far in the way of furthering literacy and inspiring young ones to slow down, take a breath, and crack a book. In fact, let’s take it a step further and make a strong commitment to allow students free and easy access to books.

GrantWatch wants to join in this effort to enrich our classrooms in honor of Shelfie Day. We have close to 500 grants listed in our Literacy and Libraries grants category; some specifically designed to help teachers expand their classroom libraries. Be a part of the true honor of Shelfie Day by doing what you can to make reading BOOKS an actual thing that kids want to do!

More About Shelfie Day

It is a day for book lovers to share their favorite books and library shelves with the world in a fun way.

After all, the world belongs to those who read!

On this day, readers are encouraged to take a selfie with their most beloved library shelf showcasing the books that stand out for them.

Book stores, libraries, schools, and individuals from all over the world celebrate the day by sharing their favorite books or shelves on social media.

So make your shelf as pretty as can be, snap a selfie, and share it with all who wish to see it., “Library Shelfie Day – January 24, 2024”

In conclusion, let’s honor Shelfie Day and foster a genuine love for reading among children. Make books an irresistible pursuit.

Library-Related Grants and Awards

  1. A grant to a librarian for travel expenses to attend a professional development conference. Moreover, funding is to assist librarians to obtain professional development and networking. This training will allow them to best serve their local communities through interlibrary loans and other services.
  2. An award of $5,000 to an individual to recognize extraordinary contributions to the field of reference librarianship. In fact, contributions will be for writing or publishing books or articles about the reference field. Additional contributions for consideration include teaching activities that are creative and inspirational. Also, contributions for consideration include a constructive and imaginative program in a library or active participation in professional associations devoted to reference services.
  3. Also, an award of $1,250 to a current or former librarian, educator, or researcher for outstanding contributions to adult services at libraries. Additionally, contributions will include creativity and innovation, demonstrated leadership, publications, and measurable program effectiveness. As a result, the nominee will be a practicing librarian or a library and information science researcher. The nominee can also be an educator, or a distinguished retired librarian that has provided people with an understanding of adult services.
  4. Award to an individual or institution in recognition of contributions to provide patron library-related support for people with physical disabilities. The award will honor support for a specific library program. Funding will also honor support for general activities for the blind, or library administrative, circulation or technical services for the physically disabled.
  5. There are grants to organizations and individuals to preserve traditional languages and promote language learning projects in eligible locations. Funding is intended for programs and projects that will help to invigorate Indigenous languages over the next decade.

Fellowships and Additional Awards and Library-Related Grants

  1. Fellowships of up to $4,000 to individual scholars from outside the New York City metropolitan area to conduct research utilizing library collections in New York City. Moreover, funding supports scholars currently engaged in independent, post-doctoral, or graduate-level research in the arts and humanities. This fellowship is for projects that would benefit from research conducted on-site. The project would draw from specific items or collections unique to the New York Library.
  2. Awards to eligible individuals and institutions for outstanding contributions to library development/services. Awardees’ honors from support of library activities, programs, and lifelong learning. Award honors will be for service to library patrons and the community. In fact, nominations will be library staff members, trustees, library partners, libraries, and institutions.
  3. Also grants to eligible libraries for a broad range of activities to enhance library capacity. Funding will be for training activities for library personnel and volunteers. Funding will also be for expansion of electronic/physical collections and patron resources, and organizational development.
  4. There are grants of up to $1,000 to PreK-12 teachers and student teachers for book purchases to enhance classroom libraries. Also, grantees will choose books based on the specific needs of their students. Funding is for applicants dedicated to regular independent reading during class time.
  5. Lastly, grants of up to $6,000 to eligible nonprofits, schools, libraries, and tribal entities for arts and cultural programming outside of school hours. As a result, funding is for programs engaging youth in regular sessions over a long-term period. Programs will emphasize skills and participation in settings off of school premises. Funds will be for direct project costs including artist fees, supplies, rehearsal space, and facility rental.

We hope this information brings you some added funding to provide students with an expanded set of books to help them in their academic path.

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