Lucas Metropolitan Housing Gets HUD Grant To Revitalise Housing Complex

Lucas Metropolitan Housing complex, in Ohio, has been awarded a grant of $450,00 from the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD awarded this grant as part of HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Planning program. The grant will be used to support the development of a “comprehensive neighborhood transformational plan to revitalize the McClinton Nunn Public Housing Development in the Junction Neighborhood.”

One of the most critical aspects of life is having access to a clean, safe place to live. Housing is an issue we discuss a lot here at GrantNews especially relating to affordable housing for low-income individuals and families. Part of this housing discussion centers on ensuring that public housing is well-maintained and safe for all residents. This is why grants awarded to improve housing conditions can be crucial, especially during winter months.

The Housing Complex

The HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Planning program focuses on improving the conditions of the residents of public housing. The goal of the program is to revitalize struggling neighborhoods that contain distressed public, and HUD-assisted housing. This is achieved by bringing together a coalition of stakeholders, using a comprehensive approach to neighborhood transformation. This coalition will include local leaders, residents, and stakeholders, such as public housing authorities, cities, schools, police, business owners, nonprofits, and private developers.

This grant will create a great benefit for the residents of this housing complex as well as for the surrounding communities.

HUD Midwest Regional Administrator Joseph P. Galvan, spoke on this grant award, saying:

This grant will revitalize public housing in the Toledo community, increase health and employment opportunities for families and ultimately strengthen neighborhoods through economic development.”

Featured Housing Grants

Grants to Georgia nonprofit organizations, local agencies, and public housing authorities to support housing rehabilitation, construction, or renovation for single-family residences. Funding is intended for the construction or renovation of single-family residences for sale to income-eligible homebuyers, or for the rehabilitation of owner-occupied residences.

Grants to New York private nonprofit and for-profit developers for the creation of affordable housing in eligible areas. Funding is intended for structure conversion and rehabilitation, property acquisition, site improvement and demolition, and relocation expenses. The housing priorities are rental housing, owner-occupied housing, and homelessness (transitional and permanent housing).

At GrantWatch, we know that safe housing is incredibly important, which is why we are happy to list housing grants as part of our vast directory. Just look for the housing category, search for any relevant categories, and find the grant that’s right for your organization.

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