NBA to Award $3 Million in New Grant Funds to Help Black Communities

The National Basketball Association has announced the second round of funding grants to help Black communities in need. This funding can really help the organizations awarded the funds. Research has shown that there is a serious funding gap for community programming in Black and minority communities. So, this $3 million in grant funds is targeted for distribution to nine different non-profits. It’s also part of a larger ten-year, $100 million commitment helping Black communities and people in the United States and Canada. This second round of social grants will support non-profits to create employment and help facilitate career advancement for Black people.

Here’s a grant we have listed for Washington non-profits to combat racial inequities and disparities.

Here are the non-profits that the league has chosen for this round:

  • New Heights Youth: a non-profit sports-based youth development and education organization in New York, helps youth from underserved communities to become leaders.

  • City Year: a national service program to unite young people from diverse backgrounds for a year of very demanding community service work.

  • Road to Hire: an organization that works with high school students, college, students, and young adults 18 to 25 to prepare them for career path jobs. Young people are educated for careers in technology, coding, cybersecurity, and other IT skills. The organization is trying to make the path to these careers more equitable. Especially for students from underrepresented communities.

  • And, Memphis-based CodeCrew: a non-profit for technology and computer science education across Memphis, Tennessee.

Here’s what a spokesperson for the NBA had to say about this grant award: “The grants will enhance and build upon the important work of these national and local organizations that align with the NBA Foundation’s mission to provide skills training, mentorship, coaching and pipeline development for high school, college-aged, job-ready and mid-career individuals in Black communities across the United States and Canada.”

GrantWatch Supports Grant Awards to Help Underserved Communities

It’s good to see that the NBA is using its huge influence to give back to underserved communities. At GrantWatch, we’re proud to have categories dedicated to organizations who do similar work. So, I’m going to share a few grants that can help provide funding to initiatives.

  1. Here’s a grant to fund initiatives for USA non-profits, agencies, IHE’s, and tribes. It will go towards providing art experiences to underserved communities.
  2. This grant for New Jersey faith-based organizations that serve underserved areas for initiatives that address social change.
  3. We have a grant listed for up to $20,000 in funding for community-based and faith-based non-profit organizations for creative & original programs for underserved communities.
  4. This grant for Mississippi School Districts to Support Career Readiness Programs. Priorities are given to schools with disparities and ones in rural areas.

If you have any question about these grants, or anything else, feel free to reach out! You can reach our customer-support team by calling 561-249-4129!

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