Nonprofits Look for Grants to Help Seniors and Provide Senior Programs

As seniors get older, they face many problems, both medically and financially. This can make life very challenging, as older adults must learn how to navigate a new world and often lack the support they need.

Many people who are struggling to make ends meet in retirement are choosing to go back to work. So, what happens to those who can’t find new jobs, are forced to take very low-paying jobs, or are simply not healthy enough to continue working? Nonprofit programming can be the solution for many seniors in need of assistance and access to resources.

“Many nonprofits, municipalities, and agencies are looking for ways to help this growing demographic. Many turn to GrantWatch to find grant opportunities to fund their programs that assist seniors living on tight fixed incomes,” said Libby Hikind, CEO and founder of GrantWatch.  

Funding Available to Nonprofits

Currently, has a category dedicated to aging and seniors with more than 300 grants available. Additionally, you can filter these results by state, to see which grants could potentially match your nonprofit’s goals.

Below, we’ve included five grants available nationwide that are currently accepting applications:

  1. Grants are available from this foundation to improve the quality of life for underserved seniors throughout the country.
  2. Nonprofit organizations can apply for a grant to fund programs that engage adults of Native populations over the age of 55.
  3. Grant funding is available to nonprofit organizations for projects that benefit adults ages 65 and above.
  4. Nonprofit organizations can also apply for funding for education training and projects, focusing on staff and personnel working with seniors.
  5. Social enterprises and nonprofit organizations can apply for grants relating to health and fitness initiatives or preventative health support for seniors.
Seniors Seeking Help

Meanwhile, if you are a senior or are seeking resources to help seniors, we recommend reaching out to advocacy groups for help. We’re listing five advocacy groups, below, that assist seniors and address issues of the aging population:

Additionally, a great website called Senior Advisor has some wonderful articles and resources for seniors. We would also suggest searching and reaching out to faith-based organizations or special interest groups. Likewise, you will find your local community to be home to nonprofits that supply assistance to seniors.

Bonus Find! Microgrants of up to $1,000, are now available to U.S. students (ages 18 and under) for service projects to benefit seniors in their community.


Beyond the typical fundraising and donations, grants are often an underutilized source. While many organizations are aware of grants, they do not set aside and invest the staff resources and time needed to apply for foundation and government grants. Grants are more valuable to an organization than a dozen bake sales. “Every day we post new grants on the website, approximately one thousand per week. Funding is out there,” Hikind said. “Look for grants that you may qualify for, match your organization’s needs with the funding program’s goal, and apply.”

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