Spring Into the New Season with These Recreation Grants

It’s the first week of Spring, and with each new season comes new grants. Spring, in particular, is all about reviving the earth and the changing of the weather. It’s a great time to enjoy nature, spend time outdoors, and participate in recreation activities. For many people, spring can also mean a great time to make changes by donating old clothes and putting away winter coats. Today, GrantWatch will be celebrating the new spring season by sharing seven of the top sports and recreation grants.

We hope these grants will help to inspire and fund some important initiatives this season. There are so many health benefits to sports and exercise. It’s not even just all about the physical results. Studies have proven that there are so many mental health benefits to exercise.

  1. Firstly, exercising outside, can actually improve the quality of exercising by raising your body temperature. Generally, when you exercise inside, it is in a temperature-controlled setting, which can cool you down during a workout. That means that exercising outside, especially as it’s getting more warm, can make a workout more effective.
  2. Secondly, when you are exercising inside, you are breathing circulated air. When you are working out outdoors, the air is much fresher and cleaner. And since you are taking in additional oxygen, this can make all the difference.
  3. And finally, spending time outdoors combined with exercise, can actually have an increased impact on your mental health. A Japanese study showed that spending time in nature actually reduced cortisol levels. And since cortisol is one of the chemicals in yoru body that causes stress, reducing those could have a major impact on mental health symtoms.

Seven Outdoor Sports Grants to Celebrate Spring

  1. Grants to U.S. eligible youth athletic organizations to enhance programs and experiences for youth in track and field and running clubs. Priority will go to applicants located in low-income areas.
  2. In-kind donations to U.S. nonprofit organizations, groups, municipalities, and schools to create community playspaces for children and youth. Funding is to support safe, customized equipment, site enhancement projects, and play areas that serve children and adolescents age 10 and up from low-income communities.
  3. Grants of up to $150 to U.S. families to increase access to youth sports programs. Funding is intended to provide scholarships for sports participation to children ages 4-18. The goal of the program is to encourage youth from income-restricted families to participate in multiple sports in order to develop well-rounded skills, physical conditioning, and diverse social connections.
  4. In-kind support to U.S. schools for recreational activities. The support is to implement a bicycle riding program in an elementary school.
  5. Grants to U.S. middle schools for after-school athletics programming serving students in grades 6-8. Funding is for the acquisition of sports equipment, safety equipment, and uniforms. Some eligible sports include football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, track, wrestling, volleyball, cheer, tennis, and golf.
  6. Grants to U.S., Canada, and International organizations to increase participation in softball and baseball for youth.
  7. Grants of up to $500 to U.S. nonprofit organizations and government entities for archery programs for youth. Funding is to support equipment purchases and range enhancements for organizations that provide archery programming for youth. The purpose of the grant program is to further the sport of archery.

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