Two-Year College Grant Program Put Into New Jersey Law

Education is vital to social mobility. And, it’s essential to knowledge building as well as career development. Studies have shown that post-secondary education can increase a person’s earning potential over their lifespan. But college is expensive and has only gotten even more expensive over the last two decades. Therefore, many students choose to attend community college or a two-year college program for their associate’s degree.

However, even two-year college programs can be too expensive for some students. This is true in spite of federal Pell grants to help eligible students cover costs. Now, the state of New Jersey, which ranks high in the nation for college degrees, has signed a new education-grant-related program into law. This program will provide free two-year college program to eligible New Jersey residents.

Doors Open for Students in New Jersey Two-Year College Program

Here’s how this will work: As many as 50,000 New Jersey residents may be eligible for this program. This program was first piloted in 2019 and will provide access to these students for education degrees and certification programs.

Governor Phil Murphy made comments upon signing the bill: “Today we make the Community College Opportunity Grant not merely a matter of doing what is right to advance the dreams of our next generation, but we make advancing the dreams of our next generation a matter of state law.”

The program is eligible for students living in households that make $65,000 a year or less. It’s considered a last-dollar program so the funds kick in when other funding sources run dry. This program could help many students who are currently unable to obtain an education due to the high costs.

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