Are You Considering Hiring a Grant Writer Through an Agency?

Thinking about hiring a grant writer? As a nonprofit, getting into grant writing can be a little intimidating. There is so much to learn and so many terms and rules to understand, that the process can feel daunting. If you are a nonprofit struggling to find your footing in the grant writing world, you might consider hiring a grant writer as an alternative.

6 Reasons To Consider Hiring a Grant Writer:

1. Increases the Odds of Winning a Grant

The first and arguably most important reason to consider hiring a grant writer is that it simply increases your odds of winning a grant. Especially, if you have submitted numerous grant proposals and have failed to win. Getting help from a professional with expertise and experience in the field is never the wrong choice. Professional grant writers have a history of winning grants.

Funding sources will be able to notice the difference between using a professional grant writer and it will help your chances. These writers are familiar with the lingo of grant writing and the common requirements of a grant application, including proposal narratives, budgets, letters of intent, etc.

2. It’s a Timesaver

If you work at a nonprofit, chances are you do not have tons of free time. Whether you are busy planning your next fundraising event, working on marketing strategies, or helping community members, the work of a nonprofit is never done.

Hiring a grant writer can help relieve the stress of meeting a grant deadline. Our grant writers are all professionals and all have a lot of experience working on deadlines. By giving the task to someone else, that time can go to other projects your nonprofit is working on. It will also be a huge relief to have one item checked off your task list.

3. It Can Be Cost-Effective

While it does cost to hire a contract grant writer, it is often cheaper than hiring an in-house grant writer to work at your nonprofit full time. For contact writers, the only costs associated are a retainer fee, as well as whatever the writer’s hourly fees are (most start at a minimum of $40 an hour). However, when hiring an in-house writer, most of the time you have to pay for a desk, computer, phone, office space, benefits, etc.

4. Help With More Than Just Writing

Not only can grant writers help in the grant application process, but they can also help with research by finding grants specific to your organization. Sometimes finding grants can be just as time-consuming as applying for grants, so having help with this can be worthwhile. Along with assisting in the research process, they can also help create curriculums for your nonprofit.

5. Allows You to Still Have Control

Even though you may be handing over the grant application to an expert by hiring a grant writer, you are not giving up complete control. A good grant writer will stay in communication with each client to make sure that their organization’s voice is being properly represented. Hiring a grant writer through a reputable agency usually has a secure payment system in place that protects both the writer and the nonprofit.

6. They Can Work on Multiple Grants at the Same Time

Overall, hiring a grant writer could be the best decision a nonprofit could make. Not only does it help take some of the burdens off of the nonprofit and its members, but it also sets your nonprofit up for success. By choosing to have an expert write your grant application, you are directly increasing your chances of winning a grant! We hope this article has been helpful to you. Good luck with all your future grant endeavors!

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