Episode 9 | How to get a music education grant for children, with Libby Hikind and Kell Chole

Episode 9 of GrantTalk unlocks important grant application tips for the next time you apply to fund a children’s music education program. In this episode, Libby Hikind, CEO and Host of GrantTalk, interviews Kell Chole, who won a grant and in-kind donations using GrantWatch.com to fund her nonprofit, the Institute of Traditional Irish Music. The Institute of Traditional Irish Music is located in Chicago and has quite an interesting coming-to-be story.

As Kell Chole explains in this episode, the nonprofit did not originally aim to teach children how to play traditional Irish music. Still, through a twist of events, it now enriches many children and families in Chicago with Irish music education, recitals, and competitions. To continue to teach Irish music education, Kell Chole trusts GrantWatch.com to send her new daily grants specific to children and arts and culture in emailed newsletters.

These time-saving newsletters from GrantWatch.com gave Chole the time and focus needed to write winning grants. Specifically, Chole scored funding from the Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation and The Gadfly Project, which she found on GrantWatch.com. Also, her GrantWatch.com subscription gives her access to extremely helpful grant application tips located on the resource tab of GrantWatch, in articles posted to GrantNews, and in new episodes of GrantTalk.

Another feature of GrantWatch.com that benefits Chole’s grant search is the filters that enable keyword grant searching.

GrantWatch.com’s filter feature with the keyword children in music

Libby Hikind, CEO of GrantWatch.com, is thrilled to have provided another nonprofit with the resources it needs to fund its amazing programs.

GrantWatch.com empowers you to take the next step in your grant-seeking journey by subscribing to the website to gain access to funding opportunities for your important cause. Also, visit GrantWatch.com/book to read Libby Hikind’s extraordinary tips on grant writing. More episodes of GrantTalk are coming soon to spotlight previous GrantWatch.com grant winners and their tips for fellow grant writers.

Thank you to the Institute of Traditional Irish Music for joining us today.

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