Unlocking Opportunities: How Mercy Medical Free Clinics Nonprofit Found Success with GrantWatch

Securing funding in the bustling nonprofit world can often feel like an uphill battle. But for Wayne Jackson, Executive Director of Mercy Medical Free Clinics in Florence, South Carolina, the journey has been nothing short of transformative, thanks to GrantWatch. Let’s dive into how this essential tool has helped Mercy Medical thrive and can do the same for other nonprofits.

Introduction to Mercy Medical Free Clinics

Mercy Medical Free Clinics, a beacon of hope for many in northeastern South Carolina, offers free medical, dental, and medication support to qualified residents. As one of 36 legal free clinics in the state, they serve as a crucial healthcare safety net, ensuring that over 273 unduplicated patients receive the care they need through approximately 1300 medical and dental visits annually.

The Journey to GrantWatch

Wayne Jackson was introduced to GrantWatch as he stepped into his role at Mercy Medical. The previous executive director had already subscribed to GrantWatch, recognizing its potential as a powerful tool for finding relevant grants. For Wayne, this was a game-changer. The platform’s user-friendly interface and the ability to filter grants by relevance made it an indispensable resource.

Success Stories: Grants Won

One of Mercy Medical’s most significant successes came from the Sisters of Charity Foundation. The grant, discovered through GrantWatch, provided operational support—an often rare and valuable find. This relationship, initiated through a simple, efficient grant application process, has since become a reliable funding source for the clinic.

Another notable achievement was securing a grant from Aflac Insurance. Known for their quirky commercials featuring a duck, Aflac’s support has been vital in funding medications for chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Like many others, this relationship was cultivated through the opportunities highlighted by GrantWatch.

Building Relationships and Coalitions

Wayne emphasizes the importance of relationships in the nonprofit sector. These connections have been crucial, from local churches and the United Way to county chambers of commerce. They not only provide financial support but also help direct patients to Mercy Medical. The power of these relationships is amplified by the targeted grant opportunities found on GrantWatch, enabling the clinic to secure funding that aligns with its mission and community needs.

The Future: Bigger Goals and Broader Reach

Looking ahead, Mercy Medical is poised to expand its reach even further. Wayne and his team are exploring federal and state funding opportunities, leveraging the strong foundation built through consistent smaller grants. Their latest initiative includes serving undocumented patients, reflecting their commitment to inclusivity and community health.

Tips for Aspiring Grant Writers

Wayne’s advice to fellow grant writers and nonprofit leaders is clear: make GrantWatch a part of your routine. The platform’s constantly updated database ensures that there are always new opportunities to explore. By dedicating time each month to review potential grants, nonprofits can uncover substantial funding sources that might otherwise go unnoticed.


For Mercy Medical Free Clinics, GrantWatch has been more than just a tool—it’s been a gateway to sustainability and growth. By finding and securing vital funding, Wayne Jackson and his team have been able to focus on what truly matters: providing essential healthcare to those in need. As Wayne succinctly puts it, the investment in GrantWatch has paid dividends many times over, making it an indispensable part of their grant-writing strategy.

For any nonprofit looking to enhance their funding efforts, following in Mercy Medical’s footsteps with GrantWatch could be the key to unlocking new opportunities and achieving greater impact.