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Awards to Arizona PreK-12 Public Schools and Public Charter Schools for Educational Excellence

Deadline: 01/12/18

Awards of $500 to an Arizona preK-12 public schools that demonstrate educational excellence. Winning schools will demonstrate sustained high achievement or significant improvement, as well as an exceptional ability to meet students' academic and non... GrantWatch ID#: 175507

Grants to North Carolina Counties and Municipalities to Develop Parks and Recreational Facilities

Deadline: 05/01/18

Grants to North Carolina municipalities and counties for the development of public parks and recreational facilities. Funding may be used for land acquisition or for the construction of public-use facilities. Funding may also be used for the protect... GrantWatch ID#: 150445

Grants to Miami-Dade County, Florida Nonprofits, Agencies, and IHEs for Arts Productions, Presentations, and Exh...

Deadline: 01/05/18

Grants ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 to Miami-Dade County, Florida nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and IHE departments that are primarily engaged in presenting performing or visual arts to public audiences. Preliminary proposals are due S... GrantWatch ID#: 150513

Grants to USA, Canada, International Postdoctoral Fellows and Medical Students for Autism Research Activities

Deadline: 12/01/17

Grants of $25,000 to USA, Canada, and International graduate (predoctoral) students and medical students, and grants of $35,000 to postdoctoral scholars, for research activities related to autism spectrum disorders. Please note that USA citizens may... GrantWatch ID#: 174606

Grants to Colorado Schools Working With Local Government Agencies to Revitalize School Playgrounds and Outdoor Le...

Deadline: 01/09/18

Grants to Colorado schools that are working together with local government agencies to develop projects that revitalize school playgrounds and outdoor learning environments. Applicants must contact program staff by December 11 to verify eligibility... GrantWatch ID#: 140856

Grants to Massachusetts Nonprofits, LEAs, IHEs, and Libraries for Adult Education Distance Learning Programs

Deadline: 12/22/17

Grants to Massachusetts nonprofits, local education agencies, libraries, and other organizations that provide adult education and literacy services to support or establish distance learning programs. The purpose of this program is to improve access ... GrantWatch ID#: 181895

Grant to a Massachusetts, Nonprofit, IHE, LEA, or Library for Adult Basic Education Programs

Deadline: 12/22/17

Grant to a Massachusetts nonprofit, IHE, library, or local education agency for the provision of high-quality adult basic education programs for qualifying adults. These programs must serve qualifying adults who are unable or unwilling to enroll in ... GrantWatch ID#: 157080

Grants to Bexar County, Texas Nonprofits for Arts in Education, Healthy Lifestyles, and Lifelong Learning

Deadline: 01/12/18

Grants in the range of $10,000 to Bexar County, Texas nonprofits for dual generation programs that promote lifelong learning, self-reliance, healthy lifestyles, and that utilize arts to enhance the quality of life in the region. LOIs are due on Sept... GrantWatch ID#: 126081

Prizes to USA, Canada, and International Students and Professionals for Designing an Energy Efficient Building

Deadline: 01/10/18

Prizes to USA, Canada, and International architects, urban planners, engineers, landscape architects, designers, and students for successfully designing an energy efficient educational and visitor center located in Tiburon, California. The purpose o... GrantWatch ID#: 173777

Grants to Brevard County, Florida Nonprofits for Landscaping Projects Featuring Native Plants

Deadline: 11/27/17

Grants averaging $2,000 to Brevard County, Florida nonprofit organizations to implement beautification projects in public areas. This program supports creative landscaping projects that use native plants and require minimal supplementary irrigation,... GrantWatch ID#: 167494

Grants to Illinois and Missouri Nonprofits and Agencies for Breast Cancer Treatment and Support Services

Deadline: 12/04/17

Grants starting at $3,000 to Illinois and Missouri nonprofit organizations and government agencies to provide breast cancer treatment and support services, with an emphasis on minority, uninsured, and underinsured populations. Priority areas include... GrantWatch ID#: 176489

Grants to Idaho Agencies and Tribes to Improve and Maintain Facilities for Recreational Vehicles

Deadline: 01/26/18

Grants to Idaho government agencies and Indian Tribes to improve facilities for recreational vehicle (RV) users, such as dump sites, campsites, campgrounds, and general access throughout the state. Applicants must consult with their regional special... GrantWatch ID#: 164588

Grants to Idaho Agencies and Tribes to Enhance Boating Facilities

Deadline: 01/26/18

Grants to Idaho government agencies and Indian Tribes to improve boating facilities within the state. Applicants must consult with their regional specialist in developing an application. Funding is intended to support the promotion and protection of... GrantWatch ID#: 164589

Grants to Idaho Agencies and Tribes to Enhance Facilities for Off-Road Vehicles

Deadline: 01/26/18

Grants to Idaho government agencies and Indian tribes to purchase, acquire, repair, improve, furnish, equip, or maintain facilities for off-road motor vehicles. Applicants must consult with their regional specialist in developing an application. Pr... GrantWatch ID#: 164590

Grants to Idaho Agencies and Tribes to Support Motorbike, ATV, and UTV Use

Deadline: 01/26/18

Grants to Idaho government agencies and Indian Tribes for a range of activities related to motorbike, all-terrain vehicle (ATV,) and utility-terrain vehicle (UTV) use. Applicants must consult with their regional specialist in developing an applicati... GrantWatch ID#: 164591

Grants to Idaho Nonprofits, Agencies, and Tribes to Enhance and Develop Recreational Trails

Deadline: 01/26/18

Grants to Idaho nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and Indian Tribes to support recreational trails and related projects. Applicants must consult with their regional specialist in developing an application. Qualifying projects must be bas... GrantWatch ID#: 164592

Grants to Idaho Agencies and Tribes to Enhance Road Access to Parks and Recreational Areas

Deadline: 01/26/18

Grants to Idaho government agencies and Indian Tribes to improve transportation amenities connected to and located within parks and other recreation areas throughout the state. Funding may be used for the development, construction, maintenance, and ... GrantWatch ID#: 182331

Grants to California Arts Organizations in San Diego County to Collaborate with an Artist to Create New Work

Deadline: 12/11/17

Grant awards of up to $20,000 to San Diego County, California arts organizations to collaborate with and mentor a local, professional artist. Funding is intended to encourage artists to create work that increases civic engagement, advances their car... GrantWatch ID#: 168694

Grants to Wisconsin Nonprofits and Agencies for Arts and Culture, Education, and Recreation Programs in Cedarburg

Deadline: 12/08/17

Grants to Wisconsin nonprofits and agencies for capital support and programs that benefit the greater Cedarburg area. While a broad range of projects will be considered, priority is given to cultural and historic preservation, arts experiences, and ... GrantWatch ID#: 151210

Award to a USA or Canada K-12 Teacher for Outstanding Science Instruction

Deadline: 12/10/17

Award of $10,000 to a USA, territories, or Canada K-12 science teacher for positively impacting his or her school, community, and students through outstanding classroom education. Special projects may be referred to in the nomination or application,... GrantWatch ID#: 172654

Grants to New York City Artists and Minnesota Arts Administrators for Travel to Advance their Careers

Deadline: 12/07/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to Minnesota arts organization administrators, and to New York City, New York individual artists to travel out of state domestically or internationally to study, explore, and advance their careers. Funding is intended for arti... GrantWatch ID#: 176116

Grants to New Mexico Nonprofits, Schools, IHEs, and Agencies to Preserve Historical Resources

Deadline: 02/13/18

Grants of up to $8,500 to New Mexico nonprofit organizations, government agencies, schools, and IHEs to improve access to and preservation of state historical resources. Funding is available for preservation projects, access projects, training progr... GrantWatch ID#: 176524

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Tribes, and Public Food Programs to Improve Community Food Resiliency and Access

Deadline: 12/04/17

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations, tribal organizations, and public food program service providers to improve community-level food resiliency and access. Funding is intended to address the food needs of low-income communities, increase self-reli... GrantWatch ID#: 152478

Grants to USA Indian Tribes to Reduce Traffic Fatalities and Injuries in Native American Communities

Deadline: 12/11/17

Grants to USA Indian Tribes to address transportation safety challenges in their communities. Consideration will be given to projects that address the reduction and prevention of serious injuries and death in transportation-related incidents, includ... GrantWatch ID#: 159418

Grants to Nebraska Nonprofits and Agencies for Innovative Health Programs in the Lincoln Area

Deadline: 03/30/18
LOI Date: 01/12/18

Grants to Nebraska nonprofits and agencies for innovative health services, projects, and programs that benefit Lincoln and Lancaster County. The mandatory LOI is due January 12, 2018. Applicants are strongly encouraged to ask questions as they prepa... GrantWatch ID#: 169911

Grants to Southwestern Idaho Nonprofits for Arts, Education, Environment, and Health Programming

Deadline: 12/18/17

Grants ranging from $20,000 to $30,000 to Southeastern Idaho nonprofits for programs in the areas of health, financial stability, cultural arts, the environment, and education. Priority is given to requests that: -Are collaborative partnerships ... GrantWatch ID#: 176149

Grants to Montana Nonprofits and Agencies to Control Noxious Weed Species

Deadline: 01/06/18

Grants of up to $75,000 to nonprofits, conservation districts, county weed districts, and MSU extensions for projects to mitigate noxious weeds. Applicants are requested to contact the appropriate coordinator in developing an application. Funding is... GrantWatch ID#: 173458

Grants to New York City Neighborhood Groups and Schools for Community Projects in Low-Income Areas

Deadline: 01/22/18

Grants of up to $3,000 to New York City resident-led groups and schools for community improvement projects. Priority is given to Title I public schools and groups in low-income neighborhoods. Funding is intended for projects that engage local reside... GrantWatch ID#: 176991

Grants to Sonoma Valley, California Nonprofits for Major Programs that Address Community Needs

Deadline: 02/21/18
LOI Date: 01/11/18

Grants of $10,000 plus one grand-prize winner to Sonoma Valley, California nonprofits to launch a new major program or expand an existing one that addresses the needs of a target community. A letter of inquiry is due on January 11, 2017. Proposals m... GrantWatch ID#: 177178

Grants to Sonoma Valley, California Nonprofits for Programs and Capital Projects to Benefit the Community

Deadline: 01/18/18

Grants of up to $20,000 to Sonoma Valley, California nonprofit organizations for programs and capital projects that will address local community needs. All grants must benefit the area from Kenwood to Schellville. Technology requests are also eligib... GrantWatch ID#: 177179

Grants to New Jersey Nonprofits, IHEs, LEAs, and Agencies to Employ Volunteer Staff for Community Services

Deadline: 12/12/17
LOI Date: 11/20/17

Grants to New Jersey nonprofit organizations, LEAs, IHEs, government agencies, and labor organizations to employ volunteer staff to carry out community services. Mandatory technical assistance sessions are scheduled for October 20 and October 23. Ap... GrantWatch ID#: 139958

Grants to Tillamook County, Oregon Nonprofits, For-Profits, and Agencies to Promote Tourism Opportunities

Deadline: 12/08/17

Grants of up to $10,000 to Tillamook County, Oregon nonprofits, government agencies, and for-profit businesses to promote the local tourism industry. Funding will support the promotion and marketing of programs, activities, services, and events that... GrantWatch ID#: 174258

Grants to Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan Nonprofits to Participate in a Fundraising Project

Deadline: 12/13/17
LOI Date: 11/27/17

Matching grants of $500 and one award of $5,000 to Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan nonprofits for participating in a local fundraising campaign. Applicants must register by November 27, 2017. Priority is given to nonprofits serving the greate... GrantWatch ID#: 148871

Grants to Washington, DC Nonprofits and Individuals to Preserve Historically Significant Sites

Deadline: 01/19/18

Grants to Washington, DC nonprofit organizations and individuals for the preservation of culturally and historically significant sites. Funding may be requested for research, planning, outreach and education, and brick and mortar projects. These gra... GrantWatch ID#: 152135

Grants to Washington, DC Nonprofits and CBOs for PreK-12 Field Trips to Local Farms

Deadline: 11/27/17

Grants of $20,000 and $40,000 to Washington, DC nonprofit and community-based organizations to provide PreK-12 students with the opportunity to visit local farms. Farm field trips provide children and youth with a hands-on opportunity to understand ... GrantWatch ID#: 175600

Grants to Florida Nonprofits and Agencies Serving Hillsborough County for Child Health, Child Development, Schoo...

Deadline: 02/28/18
LOI Date: 01/10/18

Grants to Florida nonprofits and government organizations serving children and families in Hillsborough County. Applicants are highly encouraged to attend a workshop on October 24, 2017. Funding is intended to support programs in the areas of childr... GrantWatch ID#: 182402

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Agencies, Tribes, and IHEs to Support Volunteer Staff Providing Community Services

Deadline: 01/17/18
LOI Date: 12/13/17

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations, government agencies, tribes, and IHEs to support volunteer staff members carrying out a broad range of community services. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit an Intent to Apply notification by Decembe... GrantWatch ID#: 148449

Awards to USA and Canada Middle and High Schools for Outstanding Science Lab Instruction

Deadline: 12/15/17

Awards to USA and Canada middle and high schools to recognize innovative science education programs for students in grades 6-12. The purpose of this program is to support outstanding approaches in science lab instruction that utilize limited laborat... GrantWatch ID#: 156676

Grants to Massachusetts Nonprofits for Foster Care, Youth Programs, Housing, and Shelter

Deadline: 03/02/18
LOI Date: 12/01/17

Grants starting at $25,000 to Massachusetts nonprofits to address foster care, youth opportunity, housing, and shelter in Greater Boston and the Cities of Brockton and Lawrence. Applicants must submit a concept paper by December 1. The Foundation se... GrantWatch ID#: 163711

Grants to Kansas Nonprofits, IHEs, Agencies, and Tribes to Engage Service Volunteers in Community Development Pr...

Deadline: 02/16/18
LOI Date: 01/05/18

Grants to Kansas nonprofits, faith-based organizations, IHEs, city or county government agencies, labor organizations, and Tribes to engage national service volunteers in community strengthening projects. A mandatory preliminary application is due o... GrantWatch ID#: 138487

Grants to Austin, Texas Nonprofits for Education, Community, and Health and Wellness Programs in Eligible Counti...

Deadline: 02/15/18
LOI Date: 12/13/17

Grants to Texas nonprofits for highly effective programs in the areas of education, community, and health and wellness that benefit residents of Bastrop, Hays, Travis, and Williamson Counties. A letter of inquiry is due on December 13, 2017. The pro... GrantWatch ID#: 163292

Grants to Chicago Area, Illinois Nonprofits to Reduce Poverty and Racial Inequality

Deadline: 01/08/18
LOI Date: 12/04/17

Grants starting at $10,000 to Chicago Metropolitan Area, Illinois nonprofit organizations working to reduce poverty and promote racial equality. Letters of Inquiry are due by December 4, 2017. The organization’s efforts should include leadership ... GrantWatch ID#: 176790

Grants to Idaho LEAs, CBOs, Tribes, and Agencies for After-School Enrichment Programs

Deadline: 01/26/18
LOI Date: 12/01/17

Grants to Idaho local education agencies, community-based organizations, tribes, and public agencies to provide after-school enrichment programs, primarily for students attending low-performing schools. LOIs are due December 1. The purpose of this p... GrantWatch ID#: 148436

Matching Grants to San Luis Obispo, California Residents for Projects that Enhance the Neighborhood

Deadline: 02/12/18

Matching grants ranging from $250 to $5,000 to San Luis Obispo, California residents and property owners to support grassroots projects that support neighborhoods. Applicants are required to discuss their project with the funding source before submi... GrantWatch ID#: 164088

Grants to USA Researchers for Research that Impacts the Field of Nonprofit and Association Management

Deadline: 11/30/17

Grants of up to $7,500 to USA individual researchers to conduct research on improving nonprofit membership and member-based associations. A letter of intent is due November 1, 2017. Funding is intended to support research proposals that show the gre... GrantWatch ID#: 153686

Grants to Tennessee and Georgia Nonprofits and Agencies in Greater Nashville, Chattanooga, and Upper Cumberland ...

Deadline: 12/08/17

Grants starting at $10,000 to Tennessee and Georgia nonprofits and governmental organizations in the Greater Nashville, Chattanooga, and Upper Cumberland regions for programs that address breast health and breast cancer. Applicants must attend one o... GrantWatch ID#: 142949

Grants to Charlotte, North Carolina Nonprofits and Individuals for Community Beautification Projects

Deadline: 12/04/17

Grants of up to $5,000 to Charlotte, North Carolina neighborhood or merchant organizations, nonprofits, and individuals for community beautification projects in the areas of waste reduction and recycling, litter prevention, community greening, and a... GrantWatch ID#: 154690

Grants to New England Nonprofits, Schools, and Agencies to Present Artists in Collaborative Tours

Deadline: 02/20/18

Grants of up to $10,000 to New England nonprofits, schools, and government agencies to present high quality artists in tours that exhibit strong collaboration between artists, presenters, and other nonprofits, and that creatively bring the arts to l... GrantWatch ID#: 168831

Grants to Nebraska and South Dakota Nonprofits and Agencies for Breast Cancer Outreach and Patient Services

Deadline: 12/01/17

Grants starting at $5,001 to Nebraska and South Dakota nonprofit organizations and government agencies for projects related to breast cancer and breast health. Program areas include patient navigation, breast cancer education, and reducing barriers ... GrantWatch ID#: 176701

Grants to New Jersey PreK-12 Schools to Host Professional Artist Residencies

Deadline: 02/07/18

Grants of up to $10,000 to New Jersey PreK-12 schools to host classroom residencies with qualified professional artists. The purpose of this program is to given students and teachers the opportunity to learn more about the creative process. For the ... GrantWatch ID#: 176738

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