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Grants for Immigrants: 

Grant for refugees and immigrants including instruction for English-language learners, citizenship and integration integration programs, immigrant women,immigrant parenting education,and immigrant early childhood education programs.   41 Refugee/Immigrant Grants.

Grants to King County, Washington Nonprofits and Tribal Agencies for Environmental Equity and Stewardship

Deadline: 07/24/17
LOI Date: 06/01/17
Conference Date: 04/19/17

Grants ranging from $5,000 to $75,000 to Washington nonprofit organizations and tribal agencies to protect natural resources and promote environmental equity in the City of Seattle and other eligible areas of King County. Information sessions are sc... GrantWatch ID#: 143095

Grants to New Mexico LEAs, Education Cooperatives, and Charter Schools to Establish Early College High Schools

Deadline: 06/09/17
LOI Date: 05/05/17

Grants to New Mexico local education agencies, charter schools, and regional education cooperatives to establish Early College High Schools (ECHSs) for students in the public school system. Interest forms are due by May 5. Questions will be accepted... GrantWatch ID#: 181349

Grants to Mississippi Institutes of Higher Education to Enhance Education and Academic Success for Migrant Child...

Deadline: 05/25/17
Conference Date: 05/11/17

Grants to Mississippi institutes of higher education and regional service centers for programs that will enhance the education of migrant children and aid in their academic success. A webinar will be held on May 11. Funding is intended to help devel... GrantWatch ID#: 181614

Grants to New Jersey Libraries for Adult and English-Language Education Programs

Deadline: 05/30/17

Grants to New Jersey libraries and library consortia to provide English-language and adult basic education services in communities throughout the State. Libraries provide a welcoming and convenient environment for adult learners requiring educationa... GrantWatch ID#: 181527


Grants to USA, Canada, and International Scholars for Social Science Research on Improving Social Policies

Deadline: 08/15/17
LOI Date: 05/31/17

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Ph.D. scholars for social science research in the areas of the future of work, behavioral economics, social inequality, and race, ethnicity, and immigration. LOIs are due May 31, 2017, and questions on the LO... GrantWatch ID#: 169883

Grants to USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits to Foster Intercultural Dialogue

Deadline: 05/31/17

Grants and in-kind support to USA, Canada, and International nonprofit organizations for innovative projects that foster intercultural understanding and dialogue. This program invites applications from organizations around the world that seek to gro... GrantWatch ID#: 181411

In-Kind Grants to Illinois, California, and New York Nonprofits and Schools in Eligible Areas to Expand Capacity

Deadline: 06/01/17

In-kind grants valued at $45,000 or more to Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles and San Francisco area, California, and New York City, New York, nonprofits and schools for professional consulting services that will enhance organizations' operations and e... GrantWatch ID#: 177866

Grants to Ohio Nonprofits and Agencies in Mahoning and Trumbull Counties to Assist Foreign-Born People

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants to Ohio nonprofits and agencies in Mahoning and Trumbull Counties for programs that promote interest in and an understanding of foreign-born people. Projects may focus on activities that provide information and services to people of all natio... GrantWatch ID#: 179378

Grants to USA Nonprofits, For-Profits, and Agencies for Patient-Centered Healthcare Research

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants to USA nonprofits, for-profits, and government agencies to strengthen the US healthcare system through patient-centered research. Funding will support projects that foster the active integration of caregivers, clinicians, patients, and other ... GrantWatch ID#: 180287

Grants to Washington Nonprofits and Schools for Adult Education Programs Serving Fruit Industry Workers

Deadline: 06/01/17

Grants ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 to Washington nonprofits and schools for adult education programs serving families working in the state’s tree fruit industry. Funding priorities include English as a Second Language (ESL) and citizenship prepa... GrantWatch ID#: 181243

Grants to Greater Houston Area, Texas Nonprofits to Promote Inclusive Communities

Deadline: 07/21/17
LOI Date: 06/23/17
Conference Date: 06/06/17

Grants to Greater Houston Area, Texas nonprofit organizations to foster the development of inclusive communities. The information session is scheduled for June 6. LOIs are due June 23. Program areas include community engagement, combating human traf... GrantWatch ID#: 178791

Grants to New York Public School Districts to Promote Success for Boys and Young Men of Color

Deadline: 06/09/17

Grants to New York public school districts to close the academic achievement gap and ensure that urban students are ready to enter college or the workforce. Questions will be accepted through May 10. Emphasis is placed on meeting the needs of boys a... GrantWatch ID#: 181558


Grants to Minnesota Nonprofits to Help Foreign Doctors and Medical Professionals Integrate into the Healthcare S...

Deadline: 06/12/17

Grants to Minnesota nonprofit organizations to assist immigrant medical graduates and foreign-trained healthcare professionals to integrate into the State’s healthcare system. The goal of this program is to expand primary care access in underserve... GrantWatch ID#: 181617


Grants to USA Financial Institutions in Multiple States to Strengthen Low- and Moderate-Income Neighborhoods

Deadline: 06/15/17

Grants starting at $50,000 to eligible community development financial institutions in multiple USA States for programs and projects that aim to support vulnerable populations, stabilize and strengthen low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, and hel... GrantWatch ID#: 181624


Grants to Minneapolis, Minnesota Nonprofits to Promote Education, Economic Vitality, and Civic Engagement

Deadline: 08/25/17
Conference Date: 06/15/17

Grants to Minneapolis, Minnesota nonprofit organizations for programs and projects that focus on promoting education, economic vitality, and civic engagement. An Informational Webinar will be available online June 15 and Community Information Sessi... GrantWatch ID#: 145646

Awards to Northwest Territories Youth, Educators, and Organizations for Promoting Literacy

Deadline: 06/16/17

Awards to Northwest Territories youth, educators, and organizations to recognize contributions to the promotion of literacy skills. This program honors achievements in literacy made by young learners (ages 16-25), literacy educators, and literacy or... GrantWatch ID#: 181419

Grants to Hawaii Nonprofits, Agencies, Schools, and Libraries for Child and Adult Literacy Programs

Deadline: 06/22/17

Grants ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 to Hawaii nonprofit organizations and units of government, including public schools and libraries, for programs and projects that aim to increase the literacy of State residents. Funding is intended for program... GrantWatch ID#: 181463


Fellowships to USA Scholars to Conduct High-Level Research and Data Analysis in the Social Sciences

Deadline: 06/28/17

Fellowships to USA scholars for high-level research and writings on ways to improve social and living conditions in the United States. Priority is given to research that falls in the areas of social inequality, behavioral economics, race, ethnicity,... GrantWatch ID#: 178482


Grants to Canada Nonprofits and Universities to Support the Legal Needs of the Underserved

Deadline: 06/30/17

Grants of up to $15,000 and grants starting at $15,000 to Canada nonprofits, universities, and community colleges for projects addressing the legal needs of children and youth, public legal education, and refugees. LOIs for major grants are due on O... GrantWatch ID#: 167584

Grants to New York City Nonprofits to Serve Low-Income Women and Their Families

Deadline: 06/30/17

Grants ranging from $15,000 to $25,000 to New York City nonprofits for programs and projects that improve the lives of disadvantaged women and children. Funding will be provided to nonprofits for efforts that help ensure the well-being and self-suff... GrantWatch ID#: 180662


Grants to Salem County, New Jersey Nonprofits, Agencies, and Schools for Healthcare and Career Development

Deadline: 07/14/17
LOI Date: 07/03/17

Grants to Salem County, New Jersey nonprofits, government agencies, public schools, and faith-based organizations for projects or services that benefit the community. An LOI is due July 3, 2017. Areas of interest include access to healthcare, preven... GrantWatch ID#: 179147

Scholarship to a USA Immigrant, Refugee, of First-Generation High School Senior for College Tuition and Fees

Deadline: 07/05/17

Scholarship of $10,000 to a USA first generation citizen, immigrant, or refugee high school senior to help cover the costs of attending an institution of higher education. The scholarship may be used for tuition and fees at any accredited public, pr... GrantWatch ID#: 181496

Grants to Maine Local Government Agencies for Workforce Training Programs

Deadline: 07/07/17

Grants of up to $50,000 to Maine local government agencies to carry out workforce training programs that address the shortage of trained and available workers. Programs supported through this grant must benefit low and moderate-income communities. F... GrantWatch ID#: 180146

Grants to Lowell, Massachusetts Nonprofits for Social Services, Culture, Education, Health, and Environment

Deadline: 07/15/17

Grants generally ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 to Lowell, Massachusetts nonprofit organizations to address a wide range of community needs. Activities may include social services, community development activities, cultural programs, community heal... GrantWatch ID#: 151311

Grants to New Hampshire Nonprofits, Agencies, and Schools for Arts and Culture Programs

Deadline: 07/28/17

Grants ranging from $750 to $4,500 to New Hampshire nonprofit organizations, government agencies, schools, and IHEs for arts and cultural activities. Application drafts will be accepted and reviewed up to two weeks prior to the deadline. While appli... GrantWatch ID#: 179326


Awards to USA Individuals, Organizations, and Programs for Outstanding Work in Victim Services

Deadline: 07/31/17

Awards to USA individuals, organizations, programs, teams, and coalitions to recognize outstanding work in the field of victim services. The purpose of this awards program is to honor those who have made significant contributions to connecting victi... GrantWatch ID#: 181401


Grants to USA, Canada, and International Investigators to Research USA Health Care Reform Outcomes

Deadline: 11/15/17
LOI Date: 08/21/17

Grants to USA, Canada, and International scholars and investigators at the Ph.D. (or equivalent) level to conduct research projects to understand the various effects of the health care reforms made in the USA in 2010. A Letter of Inquiry must be su... GrantWatch ID#: 175593


Grants to Rhode Island Nonprofits to Benefit the Latino Community

Deadline: 09/29/17

Grants ranging from $500 and $1,500 to Rhode Island nonprofit organizations for programs that focus on the needs and rights of members of the Latino community. Funding is intended to support a broad range of nonprofit organizations working for the i... GrantWatch ID#: 169986


Grants to Lincoln, Nebraska Nonprofits for Civic, Community, Human Services, Arts, and Education

Deadline: 10/31/17
LOI Date: 10/15/17

Grants to Nebraska nonprofits for programs that strengthen the Lincoln community through creative approaches to improving life opportunities for local residents and meeting community needs. Organizations must submit a letter of intent by October 15.... GrantWatch ID#: 179881

Grants to USA and Israel Nonprofits for Urban Affairs, Jewish Life, Biomedical Research and Education Programs

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to USA and Israel nonprofits for a diverse range of projects in the areas of: urban affairs, strengthening Jewish heritage and Israel, biomedical research, and education through access to information. Organizations are invited to submit a let... GrantWatch ID#: 150874

Grants to Los Angeles County Area, California Nonprofits for Arts, Education & Environment

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to California nonprofit organizations for efforts that are focused on arts, education, diversity and the environment, as well as giving in the communities closest to the funding source's headquarters in the Los Angeles County Area and Culver ... GrantWatch ID#: 160451

Grants to Tennessee Nonprofits for Health, Social and Human Services, Education and Youth

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Nashville area, Tennessee nonprofits for health, human and social services, education, youth and childhood development, senior citizen enrichment services, substance abuse and community services. A meeting must be made with the staff befor... GrantWatch ID#: 166582


Raise Money on Uhelpfund for Nonprofits, Small Businesses, Start-ups, Inventions, and Disaster Relief throughout t...

Deadline: Ongoing

Uhelpfund is used to raise money while applying for grants. The 30-day crowdfunding strategy will empower you to utilize your "crowd", social media and email contacts to ask for contributions, and to ask contributors to forward your campaign to thei... GrantWatch ID#: 173609

Grants to Napa County, California Nonprofits and Schools for Education and Youth Development

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to Napa County, California nonprofits, public schools, and faith-based organizations to promote academic achievement and positive development for youth and children (ages 3-24). Special emphasis is placed on youth from low-income and immigra... GrantWatch ID#: 173682

Grants to New York Health Care Providers for Refugee Health Screening and Immunization

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to New York licensed health care providers to assess the health of newly-arrived refugees. Contracted agencies will identify health conditions, provide the required immunizations, refer refugees with identified health conditions to primary or... GrantWatch ID#: 173799

Grants to California Nonprofits and Agencies to Improve the Health and Wellness of Residents

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants to California nonprofit organizations, public agencies, religious organizations, and tribal governments to improve the health and wellness of State residents. Funding will be provided for programs focusing on disease prevention, health promo... GrantWatch ID#: 176224

Grants to Southern California Nonprofits that Address Social and Economic Issues for Operational Support

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $25,000 to Southern California small, community-based nonprofit organizations for operational support that will help advance social and economic equity in eligible communities. Specifically, funding is intended for organizations serv... GrantWatch ID#: 178911

Grants to Southern California Nonprofits that Assist Low-Income Communities for Operational and Capital Support

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants starting at $75,000 to Southern California nonprofit organizations that assist low-income communities for operational and capital support. Specifically, funding is intended for organizations that are working to advance social and economic equ... GrantWatch ID#: 178914

Grants to New Hampshire Businesses for Employee Skill Development Programs

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants starting at $750 to New Hampshire businesses for the professional development and training of their employees. Applicants must contact program staff prior to applying. Eligible uses of funding include but are not limited to basic and technica... GrantWatch ID#: 179317

Grants to Washington and Oregon Nonprofits to Benefit Low-Income Communities in the Mid-Columbia Region

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants ranging from $250 to $2,000 to Washington and Oregon nonprofit organizations to benefit low-income populations in the Mid-Columbia region. Applications will be considered in any sector, including housing, health care, transportation, educatio... GrantWatch ID#: 180692

Grants to New York City Nonprofits and Immigrant-Rights Organizations for Immediate and Long-Term Immigrant Needs

Deadline: Ongoing

Grants of up to $2,500 and grants ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 to New York City, New York nonprofits and immigrant-rights organizations for initiatives that support the immediate and long-term needs of immigrants. Funding is intended for the foll... GrantWatch ID#: 181430

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