Little Brothers-Friends Of The Elderly Receives Grant To Help Support Elder Phone Companions

The Elderly is one of the most affected groups in this pandemic. And being affected means more than just being at a significantly higher risk for the virus, which was already a terrifying prospect. In addition to being at higher risk of both contracting the disease and dying from the novel coronavirus, the elderly are also more likely to experience loneliness, sadness, and depression as a result of being isolated. That presents a unique problem, that requires a nuanced solution to avoid some serious issues as the need to stay at home or shelter in place continues.

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A grant has been awarded to the Little Brothers-Friends Of The Elderly to help try and ease the loneliness that a lot of older people are currently experiencing. This grant was awarded by Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America. The grant will a program that helps connect the elderly to background-checked volunteers “ready to share on-going friendships by phone during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond“. 

This could be especially helpful to seniors who are experiencing loneliness as a result of isolation and need to talk to someone. While their children or grandchildren may have tried to find some way to talk to them, or even see them in person from a distance, for many they may not even have that. 

This grant is actually part of a larger initiative. The grant is part of Allianz Life’s $1 million senior services grant, which aims at addressing a lot of the systemic issues that seniors face. 

According to Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, James Falvey, Executive Director, the program will focus on three critical risks:

Combating social isolation, fighting elder financial abuse, and enhancing caregiver support. Allianz Life’s grant to LBFE is a wonderful demonstration of confidence in our organization and our Phone Companions program. It is enabling us to reach more socially isolated and lonely older adults with the power of friendship during this disturbing time.”

Hopefully this program will help socially isolated seniors to feel a little less lonely during this especially hard time.

Nonprofit seeking grants to help the elderly will find more than 400 grants in the Aging/Senior Grant category.

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