The Latest Grants Available to Benefit Veterans

For those who serve our country, there is no amount of gratitude we can express for how thankful we are for their service. Every day, men and women sign up to risk their lives for our safety. Our team at is incredibly grateful to our service members.

Something we are also aware of is that veterans are at higher risk for mental health issues. They can also be subject to recurring issues when it comes to housing and employment. This is why it is crucial that there is grant funding available to help meet these needs. Many nonprofits work diligently to help benefit veterans gain access to the services they need. Since many of these nonprofits depend on grants, it is more important than ever that this list of grants is now available to benefit veterans and their families.

10 Grants for Veterans

  1. Grants are available for sports programs for veterans and service members to enhance physical and mental health.
  2. There are also grants available to nonprofits to improve the lives of injured military veterans and their families
  3. Grants and in-kind marketing services are available to nonprofits for creative programs to benefit veterans, service members, and their families.
  4. Scholarships of $2,500 are available to U.S. active military personnel and veterans studying in STEM-related degree programs. The funding can go to tuition and course-related expenses.
  5. Grants are also available to U.S. nonprofit organizations to support services that address the medical needs of veterans.
  6. Grant opportunities exist for American post-9/11 veterans with disabilities to utilize resources to build business management skills.
  7. Additionally, in-kind grants for custom housing are available to veterans to accommodate severe injuries as a result of their service to our country.
  8. Grants of up to $15,000 are available to disabled U.S. veterans and service members to meet their specialized housing needs.
  9. Finally, there are grants of up to $1,500 available to service members, veterans, and their dependents who are experiencing unexpected financial hardship.

GrantWatch Notes

In addition to our veterans category, GrantWatch has grant opportunities available to meet a wide variety of needs and conditions, including quality of life, mental health, and homelessness.

With close to 8,000 grants currently available, is the leading source of grant funding opportunities. A MemberPlus subscription offers a complete view of all grant details, including eligibility and application information. For more information, you can also visit the GrantWatch FAQ page for more details on how you can help the many active and retired American service veterans strive for the best possible quality of life.

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