Women Entrepreneurs Lifting Female Innovation to New Heights

Innovation is on the rise, thanks to female entrepreneurs in the United States. More women are starting their own businesses at a rate double their male counterparts and taking on leadership roles in both small and large companies. Not only are these ladies armed with ideas, they also have the know-how and funding to realize their dreams. Some women apply for grants for women, or grants for small businesses, crowdfund, or just know

InHerSight is a women-owned platform that allows females to anonymously rate past or present employers on issues that matter most to them. Founded by Ursala Mead of the investment advice website “The Motley Fool,” InHerSight allows women to rate companies on 14 factors, such as paid time off, family support, management opportunities and salary. The data provided helps match women to companies that have what they’re looking for. Companies that use InHerSight can reach out and recruit top female talent and gain a better understanding of how their workplace is viewed.

An anonymous review system encourages companies to make the workplace female-friendly by offering childcare, paid family leave, and mentorship as employee incentives.

Another female startup, Dia& o, closes the gap between fashion and plus-sized women. The subscription box service, created by Nadia Boujarwah, allows consumers to try on the clothes they select at home. Customers only pay for the clothes that they choose to keep.

Boujarwah said clothes can equal confidence and her business allows women just like her to embrace their individuality and “explore all the incredible things that style can really do.” Dia&Co provides an invaluable service to plus-size women who struggle to find stylish clothes at a reasonable price.

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